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Are ludia deluded


Just got to level 11… one time offer… £23

Who do they think they are…

Explain to me how this is acceptable
Just a theory ludia, but if you want more people spending money
Labor day epics!

That’s all? My level 9, 10, or Sorna offer (I forget which) was $44.

And yes, that’s too rich for me, too.


Works out around the same, youre in America and I’m uk… ludia are a joke


Canada, actually. So…closer to $35 USD, unless I miss my guess.

What’s the exchange on pounds?

EDIT: Google is my friend. It’s exactly the same offer, cost-wise. I retract my self-deprecating competitiveness, and instead introduce 100% sympathetic sentiments. :smiley:


I levelled to 11 last saturday, and by mistake rejected the offer (25,99 euro’s). I’d do anything to get the offer back so i can buy it.

Contacted support on saturday, no answer yet… Contacted them yesterday, no answer yet… does anyone know if Ludia can still give a chance to give that “one time offer” ?


A company that has no intention to get back in touch with you, and you’re happy to plough your money into it… are you broken?


And obviously not… “one time offer” might be a dead giveaway :man_facepalming:t2:


My experience is that you get the same offer again next level, if you pass it up.


Hahah it’s okay mate… it is disgusting… for some of the prices they charge you can buy a new playstation game… do they think we’re mugs? Have we got mug tattooed on our foreheads


No need to try and be a smart-ass… I’m not the only one asking for it, Peoplehad game crashes when purchasing, and they ask the same thing…


If you can’t reply in a decent manner, you might consider not replying at all. It’s MY money and MY choice to buy something, can’t help it if you cannot afford to spend 25 euro’s…


It is the same story as in Jurassic World the Game, legendary packs cost 69.99 Canadian dollars, that is roughly the same price as a brand new Xbox or PS4 game


More money than sense… well in this instance, that’s not hard


Need your head testing if you’d rather an incubator over q brand new ps4 game aye mate


you’re implying I need head testing or did i just misread the comment ? in which case my apologies for misreading. Since i was basically agreeing that the prices are pretty impossible


No I mean if anyone was to pay they need their head testing mate… was agreeing with your agreement haha


haha it’s all good. It is rather ironic that anyone would spend that amount of money on a pack that you can get for free every weekend, and yet people do that all the time


I’d have to question my life if I was throwing a weeks worth of food shopping money at a dinosaur game…

Don’t get me wrong I’ve bought a couple of the cheap offers like 3 to 4 quid… but they just get greedy.

If every offer was say £4, then probably everyone would buy them all the time, but ludias greed is clear to see


You are lucky! My level 11, which i reached last week, was £50!


I’ll admit it… I’ve bought T-Rex DNA to get Indom faster =/