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Are Ludia developers capable enough to fix their game?

Do you guys think that developers at Ludia are good enough to make their game less buggy?

Like really mid battle with full WIFI speed (200Mbps) game just stops responding and you have to just restart the game but enemy already did big damage. I can’t think of any reason for this besides some incompetent bunch of interns writing some socket/network programming example code and then add them to a game.


Or maybe your connection? I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything like that other.

Ignoring if they can. I think they are rotated around the games. They could just stop doing something so counter productive.

Many bugs seem permanent so no reason to believe they will ever get fixed. Sadly.


How on earth only the game needs restart to make it work, and straight exit and reload of game works? Also everything else connected to WIFI keeps working.

I mention it because I have seen comments about issues that occur while playing over WiFi.

I understand, but you are lucky to not see this issue but I keep seeing them almost everyday at-least once.

My LTE is 150 Mbps and my Wi Fi is 1 GBps (home) but it happen to me sometimes… there are many devices in-between.

I am a programmer too and playing many other games. None of them have this bad implementation of network communication.

Even few games (like Transformers Forged to Fight) regains connection without you getting big disconnect error even if your WIFI disconnects and reconnects in 30 secs or more.

In here there is no internet down case but game stops for no reason. This happens even on LTE and either I use S8+ OR iPhone 7.

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I can’t argue there. JWA (on my phone anyway) hates going from normal signal to WiFi or vice versa. No other game I have has that issue.


Yeah it happens to me everytime i do a few matches and its seens to like to go off when if i pick a certain skill i have lethal… never the first skill which has been picked by the time ive reconnected.

Of course Im exaggerating but nonetheless this is the only game I have such issues on.


You must be the spoiled one, then.
Most of us have suffered this issue on WiFi and on mobile data. It’s a technical issue introduced in 1.6 and Ludia has already acknowledged it (sort of). They are aware of it, lucky you who are not!

Since you are a developer too, if you work for a company, you should already now that bug fix and feature priorities are usually not decided from the developers.
It’s not a matter of being capable to fix it, it’s about being given the time to fix it. And none of us knows how that actually looks on their developers’ side.


The way the game handles interruptions such as a network change from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa, or a speed drop below HPSA+ as well as the way that the game takes so very long to recover after losing focus, almost as though it is restarting in the background, speaks of lazy programming. Rather than find the best solution on how to handle the situation in the best possible way, it’s “yep, that will do. Can’t be bothered doing any better.”

But we all know that Ludia’s efforts are all concentrated on squeezing as much money out of te player ase as possible, hence why, rather than create new hybrids from the DNA that is lying in large amounts around in peoples collections, like Majungasaurus, they do it with dinos with low volumes in peoples collections, hoping that people will go and buy scents and useless incubtors in the hope of collecting enough to battle through the multiple 10 and 20 fuses to create a hybrid at a quasi-useful level.

The only people that will benefit are those already at the top with huge pools of DNA or deep walleted PTW types.


I’m also a programmer and playd a lot of games. And these developers are the weakest I’ve ever seen. Sometimes it seems that they are not programmers at all and code is written by designers.


There are always many things to look into.

I agree with you but on the other hand if you just do bad implementation (with not proper approach) then we face similar problem and then either future developers just put more bandages on top OR need more time to redo the things (Term used: Technical Debt) …

And I believe here they did it wrong from start and now not willing to fix or work in created spaghetti.

Perhaps if it makes or loses them money. They fixed the coin glitch in record time but took six months to “fix” dinosaurs spawning in strike towers.


Just got this issue 2x time now … really out of blue