Are Ludia interested?

This last update had some exciting content, certainly.
However, it had updated daily missions that are now totally unfit for purpose.
They hinder player progress.
They hinder alliance progress.
The raids are eating resources.
Veteran players WANT to help newer players. We absolutely do!
Try spending an hour sitting on a Gorgotrebax lobby, in a random village, at night. Because everyone keeps being removed from the lobby.
Then I randomly got the tutorial! :joy:
Thanks for that.

Everyone else has L30 Gorgotrebax anyway.
But we continue, because WE STILL CARE.

The mods here are being overwhelmed with issues.
But they are employed to support this broken situation.
The players are PAYING for this broken situation.

Someone at the top clearly doesn’t think it’s important enough to fix.
Or test.
Or actually invest in sufficient feedback from the community.
I imagine the meeting where the CEO did much back slapping, and self praising.

Most of us check if the issue was already logged, before posting here - or contacting support.
Because otherwise we are overwhelming them.
But we NEED them to actually hear how many of us there are.

I’m not willing to be quiet any longer.
If there was an alternative game that scratched my Dino itch, I wouldn’t be fighting here.
If I didn’t care about the amazing people I have met, I wouldn’t be here.
The sunken cost fallacy is real for me.
At the moment……

Players are leaving in frustration.
Before you follow them, let’s all explain to Ludia that they MUST:
Stop over complicating things for no gain.
Fix the pointless new mission system, and revert to something achievable, that helps progression (like the excellent old one).
Fix the endless glitches that waste time and resources.

If they only have 742 complaints, it seems like we are happy.
I know hundreds more players who are not…


I agree completely with all of this. The raiding system is a nightmare with people being removed from lobby. Lobbies stating full when they are not, Game freezes during raid…… etc. there are countless issues in just that aspect. The new missions system is frustrating because it resets at a time of day where I’ve already spent my free time in game. Then I have to go back into game just to complete the missions. Most of the players in my alliance have had to Reroll missions that are not achievable. To the point where they are getting missions that simply say error. How can they achieve these missions if they are not actually a mission. Most have to spend in game cash at this point to Reroll a mission that is simply an error code. The lack of being able to track my own in game contributions ex… darting direct hits incs opened is annoying. I’m competitive. I like to see contribution and set goals. As a competitive alliance we like to push each other to see who can do ridiculous things like 2500 direct hits. Those aspects are gone from game now. As a level 20 VIP player since game launch I was so excited for the change up. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. I won’t say I’m quitting game because honestly it’s the only game like this. I enjoy it. I love Dino’s. I just wish Ludia respected the player base and wouldn’t constantly put out such garbage.


I’m 100% behind everything you say @PuffMummy and it’s so sad to see all the stuff that is being rolled out with such potential simply not working properly.

Surely there must be a team that works on checking these things out before it is released?

Is no one accountable for such basic mistakes like the creation of daily missions that are impossible as moves described don’t exist?

If this was a package in store that gave us too many coins or too much dna or cash it would have been fixed within minutes. Instead we get told to spin the icon to change the mission despite the fact that we will have to pay to do so!

If it was the intention to have us actually pay for mistakes that are clearly made by JamCity/Ludia then at least be transparent and tell us as much.

So many older devices can’t play this game any longer but no statement comes from the powers that be. Players can’t log in, or struggle to play but nothing is said. I guess they figure those with less than perfect devices aren’t going to spend anyway so no loss to them.

It’s all very well to ignore everything that goes wrong but there comes a point when it has to stop. Releasing game breaking updates every six to eight weeks or so will eventually push people away. They may placate the people who buy everything in order to stay at the top, but the 98% that make up the rest of the player base will just see the power creep for what it is and give it up if it carries on like this.

Make the QOL better by fixing bugs and errors that matter instead of giving us more and more broken creatures all the time. Run checks on new features before releasing them on us to act as unpaid testers. Stop the incessant power creep that is offers such a short term gain. It has become so blatant now that only the most naive can’t see it.


Everything said above is true. I hope someone responsible can read this and forward it to someone who cares about this game.


Or maybe offer to employ actual PLAYERS to test it for you?
Because this wouldn’t have been close to roll out that way.
I’m probably close to a forced career change, if I continue trying to negotiate these insane requirements……


I normally smile, nod, and dismiss doom and gloom posts. Buuuut…
reddit2 is a loyalist alliance with members that will play to the bitter end.
Although universally hated, Second Prize (Great guy if you get to know him. I got him to stop emoting BION) was one of our most prolific battlers.
He was going down with the ship… Till this update.
Oval Pirate one of our original members and daily players?
She quit over bugs.
She couldn’t donate, couldn’t get battles, was done with customer support, and the frustration.
SpidersFromMars another one of our battlers cut back and dropped VIP.

I can no longer pick out a random guy in the alliance and say “That guy is going down with the ship.”

I’m just not a doom and gloom type of guy.
But I can’t deny we have hit a low point.
This game was far more stable in beta.


It’s unbearable. They change things that are working well, but things we’ve been complaining about for ages are never fixed. WHY? Ludia — and Jam City — please listen to us. Please.