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Are Ludia seriously not listening to they customers

I am a VIP with 2 accounts and have stuck by during all the latest upheavals even with one account being basically half working due to the issues with the new Dinos with hair.
My thoughts were you can’t predict bugs so easily but as long as you work on repairing them etc I will give you a chance, but you only have to look at the last few weeks posts on the forum and see how many are begging for work on the alliances, whether leaders wanting tools or 80% of your customers wanting changes to the rewards.
Chances given when it takes some work on repairing a situation but when an easy fix is ignored it’s definitely time to consider parting ways


They never do.




There are thousands of posts in this forum that confirms this is true.

Since introduction of the Dracorex Gen 2 this game and community have been in a falling trend.

The game dosen’t bring battles with respect and enjoyment. It’s about being disrespectful and using bad attitudes. As the developers program, so the game and players become.


No… the Mods are… no Devs tho…


Sent in a help ticket weeks ago, no response.

Emailed support a few days later.


But they will take your cash money.

The mods are great, devs, not so much.


Hey Jonny, I would, however, like to confirm that our support team did respond to your request.



Now there’s crickets…lol

Hey @Jonny5. Looks like you got owned on this one by @Ren


johnny5 is not alive.


Still looking for that email he didn’t get…lol

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I have yet to receive anything in game or email (other than a canned response).
7 days ago I got a response stating they are continuing to receive a large influx of tickets, blah blah, an agent will respond as soon as possible.

That was a week ago, is this how long I can expect to wait for an agent?

Sorry Dinocop, but you are incorrect.

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I’ve said the same myself, Ludia do not care one not about anyone but the top big spenders. Perfectly logical from a business point of view in a normal business. Games is not a normal business, you have to continue to grow and evolve your product and listen to what your customers want.

I’ve led an alliance since the day you introduced them. I really believed it would be something good, but it’s a shambles. End of next month I will stop being a leader, not worth the amount of effort that goes into it. I will look for a new leader, if nobody wants to do it, which is what I expect. This is assuming that nothing changes, I will be shocked if we get a pleasant surprise.

Seems you do not care at all about alliances, they were just introduced as a device to get more player income into the game because it was becoming impossible to level creatures. A neat and clever solution, but now you’ve had it running for a while it’s time to put some flesh on the bones. Please?


Our alliance is great. Missions are the only part of the game with no issues. Last tournament was actually no issues really either. Our alliance got to rank 4 exploration in 18 hours this week. Maybe you need different members. We have 5 opening as well for active players.

I mean, this has always been the case. The only surprise is how long its taken the majority of people to realise this is the kind of company ludia is. Any time they’ve ‘responded’ to the community its been because their profits are getting tanked. They’ve never cared about players; hence why bug fixes always took months to be released as part of updates, like fixing the damn game was some special feature we should have to wait for, and why new features and changes to the game have had no rhyme or reason in regards to balance.


I agree.

Except new rewards would be nice, they’ve never changed.


I can’t even get on the game. It’s bit Ludia, but this rubbish WiFi! Haha, @Kodiakhunter1, I’m sorry. Should be fixed by Monday. So the alliance missions… not so much working for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No worries, just got my wifi upgraded after a year of issues so totally understood. Missions are close to done :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed! I have felt like Ludia likes to try and “fix” what’s not broken and break it instead of fixing what is broken.

Perfect example (which has been reverted) changing the dart firing system. Why was that changed but you still can’t chat in an alliance after battling? Why isn’t this fixed yet?

Why do creatures still spawn inside strike towers?
Why are completed strike towers still on the map after you beat it?
Why don’t we as leaders have alliance mission help tools for who is active and helping? Oh I forgot you see THE most active player.
Why can’t we have another battle mode for those of us who don’t use stat boost? You know so we can play like we did prior to 1.7

That’s just a small example of things I’d like fixed or changed. Yes I’ve put suggestions in.