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Are Magna and Dio any good?

I’ve just started fusing Magna and I’m really close to starting on Dio because I’ve heard they’re useful, but this game’s meta is always changing and I don’t see them used in high level teams all that much.

Dio’s a great counter to Lux and can take down Cera if you play it smart.

Magna is decent enough against most Fierce creatures, but I’d only advise getting it if you can’t yet get Erlidominus or Erlikospyx (who stand far better odds against Mortem and every pure Fierce creature in the game).

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Dio is pretty good for raids, even at lower levels, so I wld say go for it.

Although good, Dio gets absolutely demolished by Grypolyth. Morty also dispatches her quickly, and these two are both very common in higher arenas.

On the other side of the coin, Magna is a victim of the the swap-in meta. I use her on my team, and it’s usually one hit and then a swap-in comes in to finish her. If my opponent doesn’t have a swap-in dino or starts the match wrong, however, I can usually get a dino taken out and get a good chunk of HP off the next.

Yeah that’s bad for megna but for Dio u have gave example of 2 counter which r obeous to kill resilent like Dio

Yeah, but they’re both extremely common. Grypo in particular comes away from the match with barely a scratch, whereas Magna will almost always put a good dent in whatever dino she’s up against.

A better example is Mammolania - against Grypo, you can switch. You can’t with Dio. Dio being locked in is a huge disadvantage, which is why so many higher players are dropping her.

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