Are Megalosuchus and Gorgosuchus worth investing into


Hi to all. I’m level 13 and I have Gorgosuchus and Megalosuchus both around lv 17
The question is are they worth investing into (DNA and hard earned coins)
I discovered not even half legendaries (9 of 19) so there might be some better ones
I love playing both of them: Gorgo for its strength and Megalo for its versatility
Peeking into top 500 players decks, I occasionally see them - I guess if you like playing some dinos, you will invest into them so your team wouldn’t be just 8 dinos but maybe 15-20
Any advice is welcome


Some people use Gorgosuchus sort of like a T-Rex with better speed. I used to do that but found that so many teams at this point have nullifying dinos making him less effective. Megalosuchus I have at 19 and have enough DNA to push him to lev 20. Have not done so though. On paper he is pretty awesome. If you can get him powered up for 3 turns and your shield up he would be a beast. Problem is, he is kind of slow at 115 speed. Half the tanks are faster than him so by the time you get Ferocious strike and your shield up most of the time you have been hit twice and are on the verge of death. He is also susceptible to stunts, crippling, slowing etc. So in the high arenas I find he gets pounded pretty easily. If he is over leveled he might be better not sure.


Megalosuchus is worth investing into, but Gorgosuchus is only if below Sorna marshes : Stegodeus just slaps him out, as he can’t really kill him if he’s 1 level higher. Combine that to the fact that everyone overlevels it and you reach the conclusion : go for Megalosuchus.


Only worth if you live or work in megalosaurus area, my tip is you overlevel what your area bring to you if not will be a pain going to grind another areas daily for overlevel specific dinos


I love my Megalosuchus, but it took a bit to figure out how to use him. But that 1x damage counter attack is soooooo worth it.


Gorgo is great tank buster but now it needs to be higher lvl than tanks to be most effective.


Whats your strategy? When is best to play it?


Best is still finishing one dino and DSR next one. If opponent bring Stegodeus then Gorgo need to have enough health to survive 2 hits (Thag and APR) so after DSR you use CI and can attack once more.


I have my Gorgo up to level 25. The new cleansing impact is killer. Plus, Gorgo is faster than Mega and can break its shield. I prefer Gorgo.