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Are mission too hard?

My alliance works our tails off ALL week, most weeks and we’ve been close but never have reached tier 5. Is it just us or are missions too hard? We are an active group of players who try hard, I actually surprised I see so many other alliances getting full rewards. Are they too hard? Share your thoughts and experience.

Also tips on how to reach tier 5 we would be extremely appreciated!

It was determined months ago, it’s not really worth the extra effort to hit tier 5.

The rewards are linear. The difficulty, exponentially harder.

The top teams even mentioned why bother…


You need to have a very coordinated alliance for that , and a leader who knows what he is doing.
Usually we hold the daily battle incubators from a day before so we can move fast the first 2 tiers and don’t open the last week rewards until we are in level 3 , if most people open them on Monday early most of dna gets wasted.
Focus in battles the first 2 levels and then start opening the Dbi gradually , don’t hit the strike towers and ask the alliance members to do the same , that’s the hard part, make people play for the team and not only for themselves. If you can achieve that you can get to level 5 almost each week , but of course people actually needs to play the game and not just sit and wait for the rewards

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All the alliance missions are ok, EXCEPT the daily battle incubators, they should either just 1. Replace them with gain the require amount of trophies or 2. Have NO cooldown on daily battle incubators, that is the mission that really grind my gears.


We always reach 5/4. I think it’s mostly because we have a couple of extreme diehards, but also because we make sure everyone in the alliance is active. We kick players every month if they show no activity and never say anything.
Maybe you just have too many casuals in your alliance.

But it’s not that important. The award difference between 4 and 5 is insignificant, not worth the extra effort if you ask me.

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I’m mainly asking because Ludia said they’re adding another tier in 1.11 and MetaHub-Gamepress said the next tier is double tier 5. I’m trying get our alliance as prepared as could be.

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Another tier with current rates is a challenge even for Apex :slight_smile: Let’s see what they introduce first.

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Stacking DBIs (up to 3) and Interacts (up to 8) and applying them wisely is key to getting through the first 2-3 ranks quickly - and this does require co-ordination. The emphasis then switches to battles and incubators - ideally you want to be working on rank 5 defence by Thursday’s switch over or shortly afterwards or otherwise it can become a grind.

As others have said you need a committed alliance of active players who battle regularly and always have an incubator on the go (no need to burn hard cash to speed them up).

Personally I think 5/5 is worth it for the sense of achievement. I would avoid “going for it only when the rewards are worth it” as that instills the wrong attitude and can spread discontent as different people favour different DNA.

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Thanks! Good advice. All of the comments are good.

It’s going to get even harder when rewards are tapered down for lower levels.

The incentive for everyone under level 20 will be lessened, and if I’m honest long term level 20s will often see the rewards as not worth the extra effort.

The hardest to achieve always seems to be defence mission battles, and that’s hardly surprising as the arena sucks.


I think most of them are fine, but the daily incubator one is a pain.


The only one that gets us, is the battles, tbh. DBI’s and even interactions are not our problem.

I believe key is to have one coordinator and to get the early ranks completed right off. With a little planning, and only a few members participating, they should go rapidly.

One person collects and calls out progress to the others. It has to be someone who has available time when missions start. Primary missions need constant updating. The first hour or so one person is strictly calling out updates to the alliance. Then, missions need updates every 15 minutes or so for the first day. Someone needs to inform the members what is required/left to do on missions. You don’t want everyone tossing darts when you need drops spun, and vice versa.

For Exploration: Primary rank does not take much. Spinning what is right around a few members and darting a few creatures is all it takes. Plan ahead and make sure that your drops are active and able to be spun. This is a great time to use those 5-minute scents.

Rank 1 long mission for us is spinning drops: 500. We have one member who heads out and is dedicated to just spinning. The other members can do the darting and finish about the same time. The coordinator calls out when each mission is completed so you do not have members tossing tons of darts when only Drops spun remains. Save those darts for the next Rank.

That leaves the alliance at Rank 2 Explore within a few hours, tops.

Best advice is to have members concentrate on the missions that hold you back. If you always have one mission holding up progress, dedicate a few members to concentrating on that. Or have all members put a little more time in doing that particular mission. Are drops holding things up? Perhaps the commuters can take side roads and spin on their way home. Darts holding you up? Perhaps those commuters can take some side streets and dart everything they come across.

We do not have to press hard all week. Monday is about the only day we have to really coordinate and work together. Then, Tuesday evening as we complete ranks. We usually have to concentrate of darts/direct hits/DBI or something. The rest of the week takes care of itself through just playing. It is getting that strong start that really helps.


Nice narrative and spot on. It requires an alliance to act as an alliance and not a bunch of individuals; yes effort is required, but that’s kind of the point.

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My alliance is a consistent 5/4 every week. Takes a lot of trial and error if anything. We do not open our rewards until we have hit tier 4 exploration and once we do that, we open the rewards from the week prior as well as the recent tiers. This actually does help with a huge chunk of the quotas. As for the DNA quotas, you can either fuse a bunch of dinos in that rarity or coordinate the alliance to only request for that specific rarity until quota is filled.

DBI’s always slow us down on defense. I think most folks can’t stand the arena.

And not to mention the daily battle inc ones :unamused::sleepy:

We always hit rank 5 exploration and rank 4 defense. Too many battles and incubators to open for us.