Are Monostegotops and Monomimus an omnivore?

Some hybrids obviously could be told by an appearance about their diet, but these Mono-Hybrid are combined with herbivore and carnivore ingredients

Should they’re considered an Omnivore?

But personally they looks like a predator to me.

I believe the Monostegotops is a herbivore still by its flavor text…

" This fusion of herbivore and predator genotypes is more aggressive than its purely herbivore relatives. Monostegotops uses its strong hind legs and horned shield to charge and pin enemies."

Also that 2 of its 3 parents are herbivores, and retains a mostly Triceratops-esque appearance overall.

Monomimus? I’d venture to guess with a carnivore and probable omnivore as its parents, it may be a facultative carnivore…preferring and thriving on a carnivorous diet, but able to survive on other things if need be.