Are more players giving up this game – are you one of them?

Constantly I know players are giving up on this game.

Main reason is that the system is deaply unfair, where level 30 dinos can be killed by boosted level 23-24 dinos.

Let us discus something important.

How should players enjoy a game where their effort is not appriciated?

The difference between a level 23-24 dino and a level 30 dino is a enormous grind of DNA! Also a lot coins.


Looking at this picture says everything.

The amount of dna to collect from level 24 ——> 30 is in total 2250 UNIQE dna!

For example of a TRYKO, or other UNIQE, This would mean 2250 DNA. In total this could be 2250 fuses from a very hard work!

To find valuble DNA takes A LONG time and every JWA-player knows this. It could be hours everyday, alone hunting or sacrificing other enjoyments or things to do.

When players have earned this valuble dna, made fused, saved 250.000 coins for 8+ days, they get in to the arena and becoming slaughtered – their effort wasen’t worth it.

What I want to say, the game need to start appriciated the time players spend on playing this game!

How fun is it (really!?) to see all those hours of hunting becoming useless in the arena?

Are you happy with the situation of your gaming?

Do you feel happy playing in the arena?

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The most fun I get out of playing this game is completing my DinoDex and battling in Raids. I only touch the arena once per month to keep my score updated for my alliance. The arena is no fun to play whatsoever so long as boosts and poor matchmaking exist.


Do you mean you don’t have any competitive ideas of winning or losing?

How much time do you spend on the game every Day?

I’m not giving up on a game I’ve spent 2 years on


Does it mean you are a happy player?
Or does it mean you don’t want to give up?

Both, but the first may vary sometimes

I don’t really worry about my trophy count. I stay just over 5k, and I keep it there.

I spend probably 2-3 cumulative hours every weekday on JWA. From spinning the 4 supply drops at my house, to darting the few creatures around me, and raiding with my alliance. My time spent on the game will vary during the weekend, mostly because I’m spending time with my girlfriend.

I’m not one.

Your problem is looking at this problem as two individuals systems… they are not… you need both to be competitive and they are both grinds that exists in the game.

Their is the dna/coin grind which is still just as important because those level 23/24 boosted creatures still lose to 25/26 boosted creatures. This grind can be speed up by spending real money in the shop via scents, incubators, fips for targeted exclusive dna and coins outright.

Then their is the boost grind… and their is now a viable boost grind. 3 strikes a week, earned incubators, event stops. Their are plenty of free avenues to earn free boosts it’s a grind but it’s still free slower progression. Yes you can speed up this progression by purchasing boosts just like you can dna and coins.

You post with your charts about how your dna coin grinds are so much work and effort and want that to completely over take my boost grinds just cause you choose to ignore one of the two grinds in the game. I’m free to play and your proposal that earning coins and dna somehow takes more effort then grinding for boosts is just backwards. Boosts take way more effort to grind and I’ve grinded a lot of them.

Playing a team without boosts is like playing an rpg with a level based weapon system not leveling up the weapons and then complaining your max level characters lose to people who took the effort to level up their weapons.


My indom is level 25 m, has 127 speed and 1928 attack, more than a level 30 in boosted indom and it only has 24 attack boosts, could have more but a level 30 indom if you have it at that level it’s fed boosted. There are people in leaderboard with I Dom’s that have 2734 attack.

Boosts are a problem. Ludia wanted to make it so you could continue to develop Dino’s after level 30 and make it more fun but horribly backfired. Think of it this way, Ludia has gotten too far into the dark side and can’t get rid of boosts or return to the light side. That’s why death Vader and revan are basically the only people to go from dark to light side in Star Wars.

The only way to get rid of boosts are to give a money refund for all boosts that were got paid for. It is possible, they’ve done a boost refund but will take more effort and if that comes in 2.3, there might be less creatures and raids coming next update

I used to spend 3 hours a day on the game, now I only log in once in the morning to get the free incubator and complete the strike tower.

Happened after I met a max-boosted lvl 27 Thor which one shot my whole team. Including my Indom which successfuly evaded but still died.

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The more I play arena the more badly I wanna de-rank…

I’m planning to give up when I finish all campaign. That’s true no fun at all in PvP. Even in raids, those need 3 or 4 rounds, you shall 90% fail if not follow the strat or not strong team.


Yup especially the matchmaking
I just met this thing in bird cage and the rest of his team is lvl 30 unique


I know I certainly don’t. I’m here to collect the prehistoric creatures. I play the Arena for the fun value but I don’t care win or lose. I just get the incubators. I have no interest in competitive play at all.

JWA can be a bit of a conundrum. On one hand it wants players to be competitive but equally the game works better when played casually.


I have a team of level 30 uniques and Mortem. I sometimes drop close to 5200 trophies, so seeing someone in the cage with only 200 trophies less should not be such a strange sight.
Just lose, move on to the next opponent and restore the balance. No biggie.

But to answer the OP: No, not giving up. Why not, you ask? Well, why not after 2 months of playing? It’s the same in essence.

@Moksha battling is a drag for many. It’s the same. You win or you lose, you push the same buttons with the same opponents. I see no purpose in battling because trophy scores don’t do anything.
Who cares if I’m 5200 or 5700? The only difference is some more difficult opponents and a different background.
I’ll just stick to grinding. Got a giga scent running 3 times a day, mostly during “work” hours so that’s a good 7 hours of screen time for me per day :wink:
Raids are fun, especially the apex ones.

Competitiveness is a mental thing. It doesn’t get you anywhere, only gives frustration if you fail. I’m not good a sports, never cared to win. I guess many of the dinosaur hunter nerds here have similar issues :slight_smile:


I started this game 6 months ago, joined a nice alliance and recently reached player lvl 20.
But boy… this game is a grind…

I play around 4 hours every day, Run 3 giga scents, spin all stops untill the max, and do every raid multiple times with my Alliance (except mortem).

For me now, the most fun is in filling up my dino dex, raiding and socialising with my alliance.
In PvP I am around 4500-4800 trophy score, but recently I started giving up on PvP. I now only do it to get daily incubators if required and to help the alliance.

Reason? probably the poor match making… overpowered and mostly overboosted dino’s is killing it for me… In the half year that I play now, it is not possible to gain so much boosts as a FTP player to compete so I forget about striving to the highest score because it simply is no fun the way this game is working now… Just too much pay2win.

Normally, I would call myself pretty competetive, but this game is only frustrating when you try (in my situation)

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If they are still here they aren’t going anywhere and will continue to play in some form.
How should players enjoy a game where their effort is not appreciated?
They found something they like about the game that they enjoy.
Even you still play.
Not sure what the rest of this post is about.
If you are F2P/VIP and enjoy the arena and have been playing for 2 years, you have 8 L30 dinos on your team which are max boosted or close to it depending on how you worked your boosts.
If you don’t enjoy the arena?
You don’t play it and fall behind.
That’s the way the game works.
You like the game and will continue to play it, but the arena is just not for you.
And that’s totally okay.


I have played since not long after launch; the game has become less and less of a grind as more ways of getting DNA, coins, etc. have been introduced.

I have over 20 L30 creatures and play 6 of them on my team with an L28 and an L29; my arena team is max boosted and I am working on levelling and boosting my tournament teams. I battle 20+ times a day most days in Gyro/Shores and enjoy it (ignoring the frustrations of RNG). Without boosts the end game would be a borefest - thanks to the recent shuffle there is a fair bit of variety - creatures may be max or near max boosted but there are so many different builds.

I max my drops every day and generally max the rare and above event creatures.

I’m in a fantastic competitive alliance which finishes top 10.

One of my goals has always been to complete my dinodex each update - not so easy now that we have the Apex creatures - 5 off creating Morty.

So - no, I’m not one of them.

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I think this is a good thing for insane DNA prices. I think this because prolongs the games lifespan for players. It should take a long time to 100% complete the game (all creatures at Lv 30)