Are more players giving up this game – are you one of them?

DNA and coins grind shouldn’t be a reason to quit the game. If somebody don’t like grinding then this game is not for him/her.

Matchmaking is not so big problem, as most want to show. First, on weekends arena is worse, cause many players play tournaments. Reset makes matchmaking worse too. Though main reason for matching with few lvls higher teams are players themselfs. How?
As long as player have good team (not great or endgame team) that is not lvled yet, put boosts on creatures. With that team and some luck gets way high than should be and then complain about matchmaking.

I’m always taking slow progress. With 13 lvl 30 creatures now, was first time in Shores end od last season. Going step by step. Have boosted team, but don’t rely on boosts to get me higher. Game will tell me when my team is ready to move higher.

About grind. There are few stages where progress stops. Then after that you skyrocket. Was a time where I could lvl tournament teams, as I lacked dna for my team creatures.
In past 6 months gor all my lvl 30 creatures. Still wonder how can keep up with costs of lvl ups. Tournament rewards help me a lot there.

With 2.0 rework arena become worse, as its even more rng dependant now. It’s all about your draw. Boost doesn’t matter if you draw wrong creatures for battle. That’s why I don’t like arena after 2.0. Sometimes feels like they throw skills through the window.

Still enjoy the game though and have no plan to stop playing. Need to complete all lvl 30 creatures. :grin:


I agree about the 2.0 arena.
It’s so balanced that after the draw, it comes down to prediction.
You run into a few boneheaded moves, but odds are if you’re in Gyro/Shores your opponent knows what they are doing.
I really have no clue how to fix this because I THINK complete balance was Ludia’s goal.


Similarly to what @Colin_Goodman said I just play to maximal fun. I play the arena a few times a day but when I get frustrated I simply redistribute my focus to one of the many other features JWA has to offer.

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One way would be adjusting damages and health. So that matches could be more tactical, but still not too long. Right now one hit can decide outcome.

Or make more mixed creatures and less specialized ones.

been playing less then i used to. just got tired of the same old creatures in my arena. Thors, indos and erlidoms galor and not much else for variety. that was getting boring, so i’v almost completely stopped participating in the arena. I’m still grinding out the apex raids and occasionally some work towards the new creatures.

i think my main issue is, i’m burnt out and need a bit of a break.

It’s all a matter of changing your mindset.

I used to get super angry like you, but I know how much work it took grinding out my team to what it is today (including boosts, I have never spent hard $ on any).

I am proud of my team and when I see an equally good team in the arena, I appreciate the work and effort that my opponent must have also put in to create such a team. I think “Oooh, nice (insert dino here)”.

Then it’s time to get it on, and let the best team win. Enjoy it, it’s an awesome game that we as dinosaur-lovers are lucky enough to play.


im not leaving unless the game-killers get here
then I will run for my life

Do I feel happy playing in the arena when I face level 30 145 speed Thor in pretty much every match up?
So I build my Erlidom up, earn more boosts and get 50/50 wins vs it.
Other than Thor I don’t mind the arena now, it seems way more balanced.
When I tire of the arena I go out hunting running scents, or I do some raids.
I think the game is the best it’s ever been at the moment, and if I wasn’t enjoying it, I wouldn’t be playing it.