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Are multi effect moves balanced?

Moves having a damage+stats effect or moves with no damage and 2 stat effects are a big part of the game. But we have moves that have damage and 2 effects and moves that have 3 or even 4 effects. Each creature only has 4 move slots (+passive effects) is it balanced or even fair to give them multi effect moves? How many is too many?

Ludia gave up on balance long ago - even before boosts with the utter LIE about the tenonto event. I’d even go back to the St. Patrick’s event debacle as when they gave up on keeping the game balanced.

So to answer your question, no they are not… but that just doesn’t matter anymore.

imho. as always.


Most moves such as Distracting Strike, Ferocious Strike, and Nullifying Strike are fine. Cautious Strike has 4 effects, which I believe is too much.


Yeah cautions strike its way too much 2 efects are fine 4 is OP
Rework it to cleanse or to distract or simple change it do diatracting strike just like blue

I also think that rending based attack (do damage equal to x% of opponent max HP) should not destroy shield.
There are too many shield breakers already. It causes tanks (except Dioraja, Tryko) to be useless nowadays.

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Btw I think you mean Distraction, not Distracting Strike. That would be OP.
And as for Rending moves @sandhoof , they’re on so few dinos that I don’t think they make tanks irrelevant. They’re tank-counters, so of course most tanks won’t be able to stand up to them. You can deal with them using Distraction and Stuns.


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I think that depends on the dino’s stats and the rest of the kit. One could say the move superior vulnerability is OP, but on a creature such as carbonemys it won’t be broken. Now, if Dioraja had it, then it would be very broken. I think having multiple effects is okay as long as the creature can be countered by some creatures. In the case of Indo gen 2, the fact that is has only 2 attacking moves balances it a bit, but in the case of it being too OP it can be solved without changing the signature move by just nerfing the HP enough that it has a reasonable number of counters. I really like the fact that moves like that are being introduced, they are fun, so I rather the rebalancing is done by stats than by changing a cool move.