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Are my calculations wrong?

I started a match, my opponent had a Brachi and I had a bleeder on the team. So I instantly swaped to the bleeder, it should take 25% of Brachi’s health. It did, now Brachi is with 75% of her health. Then I cleansed and swoop to Carbonemys. I bled 50% of Brachi’s HP on that turn. Then I healed with my Carbonemys because Brachi was still under DoT and she should die on that turn because she had 25% of HP and the bleed would take that out. It didn’t.

So why is 100% of HP actually not 100% of HP?

DoT deals 33.3 or 33.4%?

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No, it’s actually 25%. Dimodactylus doesn’t have a 33.3% bleed

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ahhhh, swoop, not lethal wound.didtn read the thing about dimo

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You’re calculations are not wrong

It’s just Ludia who don’t know how math works


i think this is more along the lines of a rounding error. they fixed it with lethal wounds because 33% DoT does not actually finish off a creature if you never hit it. (wounding counter)

four 25% DoT clicks should finish off the creature. but if it’s not an even 25% (as in whole numbers) rounding things could get you things like this.


yeah. that’s what happened. it rounded down.
1,119.25 is 25% of a lv 20 brachi’s health. it rounded down to 1,119.

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So why can’t they say 24.99% of HP?

That’s probably it then. 4x0.25=1 miserable HP :sob:

I’d be tempted to report this as a bug. If I hit a creature with 4 25% DOT’s, I’d expect the thing to die. They fixed the 1/3’s issue to kill a creature in 3 turns, there’s no reason this shouldn’t follow the same logic.


I’ll definetely do it righ now