Are nerf threads necessary?

Seriously, are they really necessary?
Alot of people say “we want to nerf a creature to make it balanced” are you sure you want to make it balanced?
There was alot of nerf threads to maxima and people were saying “we want a balanced maxima” and maxima is dead now, no one uses it(even in raids) that’s the “balanced creature” y’all want? A dino that gets nerfed and gets forgotten in like 2 days?
The same goes for indo gen 2, tenrex, tryko, Dio, Thor(yeah I know Thor is still used in raids and just a little bit on pvp but still)
The funny thing is… after a dino gets nerfed and everyone remove it from their team’s all the people who asked for the nerf forgets the dino exist, there is no “you nerfed too much ludia” “buff it a little again ludia” they just demand for a nerf and disappear once the dino is nerfed(and yeah I know, sometimes (rarely) there will be 1 or 2 threads asking for a buff and that’s it)

I’m Not saying we should have a dino with op moves like shield break+100% distraction+100% dot+100% slowdown priority rampage
but come on, stop these nerf threads if you just want a creature to be nerfed to the ground and pretend it didn’t exist after everyone removed it from their team’s


By “balanced”, we mean viable without being too prevalent in the meta. The problem isn’t nerf threads, as they can tell Ludia that a creature is in fact too powerful and needs to be nerfed. The problem is that either Ludia doesn’t listen to them and the creature stays overpowered, they don’t listen and the creature just gets powercrept, or Ludia actually listens to it but they nerf the creature way too hard. Most people that want a creature nerfed know how it should be nerfed, which Ludia doesn’t pay attention to and they just do their own thing with it, leaving most nerfs to be undesired.

For example, Albertocevia is the king of the meta, for uniques at least. Me and many others want it nerfed in that the swap in should be removed. It would keep Albertocevia at the top of the meta without needing an unnecessary move the creature didn’t need to succeed. However, if Ludia were to nerf it, they would likely instead change stats and resistances that never needed changing in the first place.


Nerf threads are usually sensible people who genuinely care about whether a creature is balanced or not. (Usually, anyway) However, it’s usually Ludia’s fault a dino ends up worthless. They often overdo the nerf. The community often has good intentions when discussing nerfing a creature or not.


If the creature actually warrants a nerf and/or OP actually gives a valid reason(s) for X creature to be nerfed then yes


Also I feel like some of these needs are balanced but the creatures never get used anymore because there are a ton of new shiny dinos that are way better. I
Dinos even when nerfed mainly don’t get used because of power creep.

No, nerf threads should not exist EVER

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All dinos should be powerful acording to there ranks like imagine a lv 1 suchotator sweeping a team of lv 30 apexes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well cant wait for thor nerf threads after update 2.16 drops as thor is getting 50% stun resistence and 75% bleed also a ‘‘cleansing group shattering impact’’ yes… for those who are in aviary i wish lucky for you when 2.16 drops :skull_and_crossbones:

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So,according to you,rexy is perfectly fine,isn’t it?


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Well some creatures need nerfs sometimes. But what i don’t like that people are calling out nerf threads on creatures that have just been revealed in a recent patch. I mean just wait till we also have the official stats and not because it’s move sets are strong

no they are not, waste of internet

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I have found that nerf threads have a direct correlation with the amount of times the poster has been whooped by said dinosaur, funny that :stuck_out_tongue:


This actually is not the case. Most of the nerfes I support is of creatures I have at 30/30 :slight_smile:

But unlike others I value a balanced meta more than my own investments…

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At least no Rend Resist…

Please do not get ideas from this Ludia

If ludia removed the class system I dont think they would be as prevalent.
Would get the odd one for example Ref
Like them giving thor a cleanse (who is pure fierce) is just asking for trouble. :joy:

100% nerf threads should exist if there is valid, objective reasoning behind it.

Alternatively, we could just create a bunch of ‘buff’ threads instead to create more counters. For example ‘buff gorgotrebax’, ‘buff erlikospyx’ and ‘buff compsocaulus’ threads instead of a single ‘nerf ref’ thread.


Nerf threads nowadays are biased since theyre only focused on pvp with the other aspects of the game ignored. The tourney nerf threads i can somewhat get behind but the unbiased hate for 1 specific dino just because people focus on the 1 aspect of the game that will never be fixed/balanced for everyones taste is ridiculous since by now we all know asking for balancing = gutting



Do I like nerf threads? No

Are they necessary? Yes

What we shoukd be asking is why we have to even ask for nerfs in the first place.