Are nerf threads necessary?

The new creatures do not need nerf even more so that for example Rexy has crazy statistics, until everyone has a chance to get it or try it, it cannot be nerfed, it is the case of Albertocevia who is a recent creature, he is As cunning as it is, he handles it very well, not everyone has it, that’s why it’s still too early to ask for a nerf, the same with Rexy, we still don’t know how it will work in tournaments or pvp.

Well Rexy outclasses Mortem in almost every way, so imagine putting Mortem Rex in a legendary tournament and that’s the most accurate result you’ll get. Also it’d be better if a creature was nerfed before everyone obtained it, that way less people waste DNA and so the creature doesn’t have time to ruin the meta.


Or “buff tryko”