Are new updates expected?


hello, new events are expected, new updates and some change in the pvp system, how to match the fighting at least the level of the dinosaurs?, because there is a lot of unbalance in the level, in pvp.


Can you give some examples of unbalanced PVP?


I say it in the question. the level of the dinosaur. put a limit of maximum lv, for combats, because it is not logical for me to take a dinosaur lv 10 and my rival take it out lv 20. taking into account that there is a different respawn, being in different countries.


I see no problem with a difference of 10 levels.
It is the intention that Level 20 is stronger than level 10.
The solution is to make the dino stronger :wink:


I think the problem is we’re are these level 20 legendaries and uniques coming from
Don’t believe it if you are going to say legit players.

Go research the hacks that are already out there


You guys should update it so you can drop baits to attract Dino spawns. Maybe even have “rare” and “epic” baits to attract Dinos of that level, i.e., tie up a goat to attract a T-Rex.


Baits may work but staying away from “Pokemon” like features could be the answer. I think the game needs more social features to get the players and community involved like events and friends list. I heard a few talk about leagues but again something unique than the Pokemon route could set this game as the leader of the pack.


I unistaled pokemon when they forced me to be social whit random persons to make incursions, i was playing pokemon 10 hour daily before that.
I dont want be social whit random people in real life, i need more spawns out, new dinosaurs, new arenas, bot removeds and new and better battle incubator, or at least make a some hibryd for baryonix gen2