Are other 10/8-9 alliances staying motivated for rewards?

Many of us do it, dart anything and everything to reach high ranks. I’m guessing I would have close to a million Majun by now and am somewhat glad that I don’t know for sure. Would having a legendary reward for level 10 help? What if the mission rewards in general were a little better? I had the thought of asking my gang to only dart what they need for a week and see how much of a difference it would make. Wondering what others think. Thanks!


To be honest the weekly rewards haven’t been great for a while now, but we still strive for 10/9.

It’s more for the prestige I think.

A legendary reward would be a great incentive to hit the magic 10 every week though.


This doesn’t really apply to my alliance, which is usually 8/8 (9/8 if the rewards are good), but I was wondering if we should strive for 10/8 since we used to get 5/4.

I did a survey and almost all agreed that it just wasn’t worth the extra effort. I can’t even blame them 'cause I have a strong preference for battling myself.

But who knows, if the rewards were really good, we would probably go for it!

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We got turtle this week, that’s good enough for me. I think a legendary reward would be too good. I don’t have to play extra to pull my weight for 10/10, although it takes motivation for fifty people to do this.

Kinda indifferent on Alliance rewards for a long while now.
Sanctuaries are what separates good alliances from great alliances.
If I were to look for a new alliance, I would take one with two L20 Sancs and 9/8 over a 10/10 and 20 sanctuaries at level 6. I’m more motivated by beating alliance members than the rewards. LOL


Battles are hard to motivate people with state of arena. We get 10/9 every week just as a default I don’t think people are over pushing but definitely slower on battles as arena is terrible.

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Once level 8 is done it is easy to get to 10. So many have quit playing totally and I don’t want to expect more from my alliance than I am prepared to do myself.
Finding relevant rares has been so frustrating in addition to the frustration in the arena.
Sanctuaries were a great addition, but are a full time job for one or two people.
I wish I didn’t know the game before Ludia got so money hungry and the introduction of many aspects of what should be a fun game.

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We usually get Defense 8 easily but are behind this week. I don’t even care too much about 61 more turtle DNA as our co-op sanctuaries with 5 other alliances are doing very well and we can FIP the turtles there - but I actually need other DNA more atm.

Co-op sanctuaries are the way to go IMO - you get max DNA of your choice from a level 20 sanctuary.

I’m co-op sanctuary co-organizer for 6 alliances

This will be the 3rd week my alliance hits 10/10 of everyone does their end of the work it’s less work on everyone. The thing is, Ludia doesn’t give Alliance leaders tools to know who really does what. However rank 10 should standout from rank 9. Legendary dna would be great or even significant more epic or an exclusive dino dna.

My average disorganized alliance surprisingly hit 6/6 the last couple weeks but the amount of requests to join has risen recently so we are up to almost 40 regularly active people. We are getting down to kicking members inactive for just less than 2 weeks to make room for the new requests.

Sanctuary wise, we tend to get them only as far as 6 to 7 with an occasional 8 before they expire.

I think adding legendary rewards would motivate the newer players I have, say like 10 DNA per rank. I would even take Unique DNA reward as even just 1 DNA per rank.

We need new play modes, the game is becoming bored…

Some weeks are better than others.
But we have been hitting 10/9 each week, the only thing that changes is when we hit our goals.
You only need a good group that is still able to have some fun with the game.

For 10/10 alliances, usually the motivation is force of habit to complete it.

Usually the motivation week on week is the weekly rewards. Giving legendary DNA is fine but which Legendary DNA will be given? There are.some duds which are as good as not work towards.