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Are our expectations unrealistic?

I have often contemplated this thought with many games I have played, call of duty, battlefield, transformers earth wars, and now jwa. Particularly the free phone games with paid in app purchases, and anything with head to head competition is where I have thought it most. Is it truly possible to have a 100% balanced game? I’m not so sure. And before you hurry up to say yes it is or it used to be, I want to provide some thoughts.

I think many games start out fair and relatively balanced. However what happens are a couple things: 1: the player base has a constant craving and need for new content. Anytime you add content it’s never a certain thing it will go as planned like bugs or even players finding a way to exploit an addition the company didn’t intend. Every new addition adds more and more variables making it ever harder to balance.

2: at the end of the day, a free game is work. It comes from a real company full of real people. And that means profit has to come somewhere. That’s where in app purchases come in. Anytime purchases are added it’s going to likely give some players some sort of advantage even before boosts, it provided dna cash coin etc which means stronger dinos faster.

3: I believe if we fix one thing, something else will be the new “meta killer”. Fix that then something else pops up. I haven’t played since the beginning but almost 6 months now and in my time playing and being on here I’ve noticed, first Thor’s were an issue along with draco since the boost additions. Then boosts were changed thus nerfing Thor to a more manageable level. Then rat became the main issue until her swap in was changed. That has shifted focus to Now indo g2/cs/evasion tactics. We fix that and something else will most definitely be exploited and overused by players.

Can developers change these things? Sure. But if they do then what comes to the forefront? At the end of the day I’m confident there will always be that “top dog” mechanic or Dino. There will always be something that is the best. You see it even in paid games like call of duty. There’s always one gun that’s the best one or most “op” and inevitably it will be overused like it or not.

I am not taking any sides but more making observations. Have we as player community come to expect something unrealistic? I myself am guilty of complaining and demanding things on here so I’m very much a part of this. But I’m curious what others have to say.

What are people’s thoughts?


I love everything you said, but I do think it could be 99% balanced. I just think JWA needs an entire creature stats and battle rework. I don’t expect it to happen and I’m almost fine with where the balance stands. If we drastically change Cautious strike, give all rarities stat ceilings or keep them in line, and give small needed adjustments after each update then we would be in a good spot balance wise. Oh yeah and take Max speed boost limit from 20 to 10-. Now sure Maxima could be given definite or Precise and we have other creatures that could be more relevant, but these aren’t breaking the game.


Those ideas are fantastic.


It is hard to get a completly balanced game and there will be shifts in power.

Most of my issue with Ludias balancing is the game is designed around rocks and paper and scissors dont really work all that much. And then they do stuff like buff procera… or let cautious strike hit through evasive.

Right now we have left the immune meta and entered the evasive meta. Immunity is still strong enough to keep most of the bleeders and stunners out of the top tier… but every tyrant not named tryko either has evasion or a way to hit through evasion.


That’s true. We’re sort of off topic now but I want to go into this a little further. Part of the imbalance is because they don’t balanced the amount of… say evasive creatures to the amount of Nullifying or Precise/Definite creatures. If they’re groups of “Types" (Cunning, Resilient, Immune, ECT) where a lot more evenly divided arena going would be more varied, balanced, and fun. I’m starting to wonder if we have too many Immune Dino’s, should most of them be split into partial immunities?


I like this discussion and I liked when the introduced partial immunities. I think more of that and less of full immunity would make for more balance. I also agree some the the decisions they made like cautious strike don’t make sense and can agree decisions that ludia makes can affect more or less balance

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I’d like to see more partial immunities added some more creatures, personally I’d like to see full immunity removed from every other creature than the dimetrodon-type creatures (dimetrodon, dimetrodon g2, postimetrodon, tryo) but that’s just me. I’d also like to see some more creatures get abilities like Precise and definite added to their move sets. More variety would be nice to see instead of the same old abilities. Another thing i would like to see are different variations of existing skills (like Lethal Thagomizer/Shattering decelerating abilities stuff like that).


Actually those were the ones I was thinking would keep full immunity too. They don’t have any one exceptionally strong stat and they are different from everything else. So our Full Imnunity Dino’s woud be limited to Ankylocodon, Ardontosaurus, Ardontismaxima, Dimetrodon, Dimetrodon Gen 2, Magnapyritor, Ophiacodon, Postometrodon, Secodontosaurus, Tryostronyx, and any hybrid involving these creatures. I like it! Although I wouldn’t mind Ornithimimid Dino’s to get some special immune treatment, I think they need something.


I cannot recall ever playing a balanced mobile game. Some get closer than others.

I think most of the imbalance comes from the game not being just a game to the dev…its also a paycheck. Something in the game needs to exist to help bring in the money.

I am fine with imbalance to a degree. When the imbalance is so great that it defines the gameplay though…that is getting beyond what players should accept and what devs should do.


I fully agree. Accepting there is a pay to win atmosphere is natural. At the same point it also becomes a gray area as what is a true imbalance and what is an imbalance simply because someone can pay for it.

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There is no matchmaking … in general, it is dead long ago back in 1.1, dont know why

I think because there is just so many variables to keep track of. So many dinos, abilities, attacks, and boosts. Every added thing increases the likelihood of something becoming unbalanced

great point except that the matchmaking algorithm needs to be repaired, battled someone with 2 level 30 creatures but the rest are level 24s dont know how this happened?

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There are games that are considered to be very balanced. I do not expect this sort of quality from a mobile game, most of which prioritize grubbing for money over game design.

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How close you want the matchmaking to be? Its a code so it cannot be expected to take into account actual power and overall level when matchmaking. A level 30 TRex loses to a lvl 30 Tenotorex. A lvl 30 Vrap loses to a lvl 30 Utarinex. The original matchmaking algorithm actually considered a lvl 30 as equal regardless the rarity and hybrid/superhybrid.


Sir aruguno

Just an even level, but thank you for the opinion sir.

Have a great day.


Communication would be a nice start

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And that’s where I think the problem lies. Communication is so vital to anything that if not done well, problems arise


100% spot on mate.
These mobile games are very different to games that you buy out of the box. Communication is a must and sadly Ludia drop the ball in this department.


There’s enough things that they could see coming though. It doesn’t require a mathematician to figure out that speed boosts unbalance the game, this is purely a sales decision.
I think we shouldn’t have any expectations whatsoever, because it’s a free and “relatively cheap” mobile game. I just take it as it is, and if things are unfair I might mention it, but won’t get angry over it. It’s not that serious. Games are not serious.

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