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Are people dropping from Gyrosphere?

So I made it into the Gyrosphere again. I partially dread this arena, because I know it’s only thanks to RNG/matchmaking that I actually made it.

But this time I’ve been able to get a LOT of AI battles. I’m not complaining - can’t stand PvP lately, especially when all I want is a single incubator. But it feels even more empty than the library. Am I just picking good (bad?) times to battle, or is the Gyrosphere emptier?

Could be a combination of getting lucky with time zones and the spot your in. Personally I find I get 2x ai battles when I’m between 5500-5600 trophies than 5600+.

That’s where I’m at (er, was - got knocked back into library). That’s also where there seems to be a good amount of AI battles to be had.