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Are people having lagging problems with the game now due to the extra friends for raids? or is it just me?

I’ve gone from 30 friends to 100 now (More friends means more chance of 4 friends on at the same time for raids) Now my game is very slow and struggles to even bring up my friends list (My friends list looks like a phone book now… :laughing:) Is anyone else having these problems? (I don’t know if it’s because of the update or just the influx of friends.)

You’re not the only one. The game has been slow to load in general for most people. A bugfix update is to be expected soon.

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I’ve been forced to reload the game quite a few times due to lagging issues with several aspects of the game, including startup.

Same here… Raid invites I accept are telling me there full also, I’m sure these things will be addressed in the bug update… Thanks Infinirex. :+1: