Are people receiving tournament prizes yet?


I have yet to receive my prizes for the tournament that just ended. I’m not impatient, but I’d just like to know if anyone has received theirs yet, or if we still have to wait a bit. Can anyone chime in?


Nope Not yet


Cool, so it’s not just me. Thanks.


Haha no worries … I’m anxious too. Hopefully no more secodontosaur though… i swear that guys has been haunting my special event epic incubators for weeks!


You too? I have soooo much dna banked for him. If we ever get a fusion I’ll be set.

On a related note, I just leveled up my girraffititan to 20 over the weekend. So much regret.


That’s awesome!! I’ve only seen them like 3 times in the wild since their release…
Nodapato is going to be a hot commodity now.
Are you playing on fusing the new legendary hybrid?


Well now I wish I had hoarded the DNA at level 15. I had thousands this weekend. I’d like to fuse it, unless the migration changed it I see at least 2 girraffititans a day accross the street from my house.


That’s awesome!! Haha I wish I was that lucky!
And i know what … haha, I’ve wasted my fair share of dna and coins :joy: