Are people still using Dilorano now?


She still has a spot on my team, at least until I finish Dilorachierus.

Question for the players that do not have its hybrid made yet. Did you guys keep your Dilorano on the team after the nerf, or did you drop it? And if so, what did you replace it with?


I droped it, simply no dmg to kill nothing, i replaced whit pyrritator xd


I’ve kept mine just because I don’t have anything to replace her with that would be better. Plus, I’ve mastered her attack set so she still does pretty well for me


Still a strong Dino, still using it


I dropped it and use my diora now.


I kept it on my team. Tried pyrr for a while at level 20. Not even in the running in my book. Dilorano is still much more useful I think. But it also depends on the rest of your team and how you play. If you have been using it for a long time and are still able to pull it off… Why not??


I still have her on my team, regrettably, at 21 (didn’t see a Hybrid coming so soon.) She’s gonna be the next one kicked off the team, though. Probably not until I create Dio… if I can ever find some Raja :confused:


I replaced her for now until I can get my hands on the unique. At level 20, she is way too weak to do much now. Sniff was my favorite dino, but has been replaced with utasino :smile: