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Are players condensed at some ranking level?

As a result from dropping experience after last season change, let me talk about one specific thing:

I went from 0 trophies to 4833.
Always using creatures at compatible levels, like my old apatosaurus or something at first arena. Then upgrading team after each battle to climb.

No boosts at all.

What I realized: battles were always balanced, and upgrading a creature allowed me to climb some trophies as expected…

until i reach near 4500 trophies. Then the curve started to accentuate upwards incredibly.

upgrading team started to benefit nothing, and i started to change my team creature by creature to my top ones.

It was 300 trophies of me seeing nitro creatures, top level apex creatures and so.

I upgraded slowly my team since arena 1, but after hitting Aviary, I needed to change from level 25 legendaries to lvl 30 tyrant uniques until i have no more options and stuck at 4833.

What about this: from 4803 to 4833 i did a climb of more than 2000 in global rank.

Does this mean we have 2000 players at same trophies?

I would love to se a graphic from ludia devs, showing the number of players at each trophy number.

Are top league arenas condensed this way too?

Aviary through to library is a bottle neck of players, the season reset doesn’t help either, the average time for a player in aviary or library is around a year from the experience of many players


Was… was a year. As time goes by we’re all fighting each other up here with similar teams meaning 50/50 win rates and little to no progression.


Library is a hellhole of teeth and claws

I was stuck there for 7 months
Then skyrocketed to Nublar Shores in 2.


is there any suggestion from community to change this?

or maybe this is not a problem anyway. :thinking:

I have said for ages now that this bottleneck is created by having a ridiculous monthly reset and not enough arenas.


mmm i forgot monthly resets. they crushes everyone in a short range

there would be an alternative?

It’s ridiculous. At times my main and alt are only ~300 trophies apart despite being thousands of ranks apart (my main is all fully-boosted apexes and level 30 uniques, while my alt is level 28-29 stuff with only two things fully boosted).

Season reset is the biggest problem. It dumps thousands of people at 5499 every single month, turning that range into a bloodbath for at least a week, often two (and pushing lots of people down lower, which affects the lower arenas). The other problem is that aviary, library, gyro, and shores all give the exact same arena incs, so lots of people climb up for their high score at the start of each season, then drop down for easy wins for the rest of the month. Higher arenas should give better rewards to incentivize people to stay where they belong.

(Shores matchmaking is also a problem. Anyone in shores can be matched to anyone else in shores, so many people prefer to avoid the place altogether once they’ve locked in a high score.)


The trophy system being net zero makes the seasonal resets absolutely horrid. Everyone below 6000 trophies gets compressed into Library and there’s so much attrition because they aren’t climbing up fast enough.

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should ludia lock players in arenas? i mean, if someone gets into arena 10, they can’t go down to arena 8 (drop max 1 arena) and so on.

or just expand the numbers: arenas at some level and above lasting more than 500 trophies (i.e.: arena 9 from 4000 to 5000, arena 10 from 5000 to 6500, arena 11 from 6500 to 8500, etc…)

My 2nd account with level 20-22 teams, generally level 21, unboosted sits around 4300 trophy’s. I can put the best team together and just pop up above 4500 but it’s difficult to stay and I was bouncing back and forth between Estates and Avairy. But Avairy, I don’t get an AI after 2 losses so I just prefer to stay just below where the battles are generally even fair teams minus the occasional dropper rising up through the Estates back up to where they belong.

with 4858 trophies im now ranked 24632

if i didn’t miss some obvious point, there are 24.631 active players above me until apex predator (of course) member now with 9311 trophies.

the player at position 7 has 6999 and the bottom at 501 has 6075 (almost dropping to gyrosphere)

we can see rolling the list down, trophies difference decreasing, with the last 2 players of that list sharing same number (what is the tiebreaker by the way?). but we have about 500 players in a thousand trophies range in arena 13.

on the other hand, down to high arena 10, i see impressive 2 thousand players in a 30 trophies range.