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Are Pterosaurs worth the effort?

I haven’t touch anything that flies for a while, reason being is that they seem to get slaughtered without much effort, I did level up a few just to give them another try, but just can’t seem to get convinced to invest in any of them?

Any thoughts?

Honestly birds are all quite underwhelming. Pterovexus used to be good then it got damage nerfed. That Haast Eagle unique has potential but really needs a health buff


the eagles are fast and okay the pterosaurus are crap though

Well depends on what you want to do with them. Most pterosaurs are bad, but a few of their hybrids are good. Me for example. Geminititan is amazing. But that’s really it. Poukan is good for the Cera raid. Vexus needs a buff.


For the most part I think they are just support options. Playing a full team of them is almost impossible. I find the only use is as surprise swap-in shields or a lockdown/bleed, but even then they don’t deal enough damage. Some of the hybrids are well worth getting though so maybe dart them and try to create their hybrids.

Most pterosaurs are trash. Dimorphodon is the worst pterosaur but it is okay in pvp as it bleeds. Some pterosaurs are good like the hybrids but that’s about it.

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Sadly, no. There was a time when Alankylo was a must-have since it could avoid a cloaked Indominus when swapping in (before the days of Superiority moves, mind), but now Indominus has a basic shield shattering strike, even her usefulness in those arenas has fallen.

Sytgidaryx has a few times when she does well in library, but most of the time she sadly falls flat.


Yes ^ Stygidaryx is very fun to use but mostly not worth it in this meta as you almost have to build your whole team around it to be useful

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Frankly they disappoint me every time I saw a pterosaur with hybrid no phew I did not launch my drone a lot disappoint me only the eagles are correct