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Are PVP and friendly Teams Dino's able to go into sanctuary?

I used to play Jurassic world alive a couple of years ago and I started playing again I have noticed quite a few changes. When I was playing before we were not able to place our PVP or friendly team Dino’s into into our sanctuarys after they were placed into a team( this includes even after we had taken them out to change Dino’s on our teams). So now I am afraid to place an new dino onto my team as if they aren’t already at a level 30 (or what ever the highest level is now from them) Can anyone tell me if I can change Dino’s on my team an place the old team Dino’s into a sanctuary?

If a Dino is in your team of battlers you are not able to place it into a sanctuary. Once it returns you have to collect the dna and then you are able to place it in a sanctuary.

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Ok that’s what I thought. Thanks for answering Phil

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So only way to get DNA those once on your team roster is to collect or can you also request from your alliance members?

You can also request it while they are in the sanctuary.

So you can put PVP & Friendly Dino’s into Sanctuary’s once you have removed them off your team rosters?


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