Are pvp chests random or predetermined?

When doing pvp battles to fill an open chest slot in your inventory, is it random what chest you get or is there a predetermined progression for wins? My point being, if your chest slots are full and your working on opening up your battle chest, it says it tried to give you a chest but there was no room. I don’t want to be missing out on rare chests because of this. I know games like Clash Royale it’s predetermined when the game gives you your next chest what’s rarity it will be. You can look it up on royaleapi. Anyone that can give me some insight? I’ve been on a long stretch with nothing but wooden chests. I feel like I’m missing the good ones.

As far as I know, we have no reason to assume the PVP reward chests are anything other than random.

I, for one, certainly haven’t noticed any patters, neither now nor back when it was challenges that gave these chests.

Next one is predetermined i had one with sparkle around when i had already four chest already kept winning and IT was always there. Once i had a spot i got it!

@Krom are you talking about the chest on the top right? That was in predetermined.

The 4 slots are filled randomly after a win as far as can tell. Even a ‘big win’ doesn’t seem to give you a better chest.

I think Krom is saying his next “random” chest was showing sparkles even though he didn’t have room for it in inventory. But he eventually got it when he played a pvp match and finally had a space. If that is true, then at least the game doesn’t skip over chests you can’t hold and it goes through a continued path of progression.

@Griffoneye that what i tried to Say! Sorry english isnt my first language

Krom is right. My chest spots are full and I was working on my battle chest. The next chest reward is showing lightning graphics coming out of it each time it tries to award me one. I took a pic, you can kinda see it.