Are recruitments working?

I’ve tried the recruiting feature with my friend and my alt account, both of which didn’t work. Idk if this is a bug or something, has it happened to anyone else?


No, they don’t work

Never used it and never will but willing to bet they don’t work for sure.

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I never use it. I’m just 100% sure

I tried and they don’t work, at all.

It’s Ludia, of course it doesn’t work

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I’ve heard that it only works if the person you’re recruiting is below lvl 5
Would be great if you could assure this @Ned

I have 3 recruits and they all work fine

Huh that’s weird

I believe that is correct, Reyhan_Sajeeb. :smiley:

Our FAQ here also have some additional info on the recruit requirements:

I tried 2 times. NO NO WORKY!!