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Are Season Rewards going to be always epic?

Hi everyone!
We all probably remember Miragaia and Purussaurus being season reward. But now, Blue is the third epic season reward in a row. So is Ludia going to make season rewards only epic? I hope not, i liked when the rarities of season rewards changed. Creature of the month is always epic, so season reward doesn’t have to be always epic too. Please write your opinion for this in the comments.


Eh, I can live without any common ones. I wouldn’t complain if they did happen though, like a Brontotherium or Scolosaurus Season

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Yeah, Scolosaurus season would be great! i think some rare creatures would be also good as season rewards, for example Argentinosaurus season?

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I think all exclusives should be cycling through these


Mammoth season :heart_eyes:

(P.S:Though this is a highly wanted season, it’s going to create a load of imbalance with level 30 Lanias or Moths running around)


Diplodocus seaaon

I wouldn’t mind it if they conveniently hadn’t switched it two months before Irritator was supposed to be there :rage:

That new Permian Rare that’s supposed to be exclusive.