Are seasonal reward trophy levels increasing?

Is it just a visual glitch, or are seasonal trophy reward tier levels increasing?

Yes,because ludia need to keep the “wallets” player entertain.

This change nothing for 99% player database except end game players will get everything without any efforts.

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I’m showing a current reward for a higher level that I havent achieved. Also I believe the trophy requirements have changed. I tried to get just over 5680 to get my reward, now it’s been moved up to 5700 for that level.

I could be wrong but I think we might be using the bands for next season with the current seasons rewards … haven’t got time at the moment to dig out both sets of graphics

Just looked at the announcements and see that they are raising the max reward trophy levels. Pretty disappointing, but not surprised at all considering this is Ludia.

The visual glitch is also not surprising since Ludia doesn’t seem to know how to do anything right.

Actually… the increased tier levels came with additional dna. So it’s not bad. Can still get essentially the same amount of epic dna as before at 6400 trophies, but now there’s additional rewards for continuing the climb.