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Are Stegoceratops glitched/broken?


The last hour I fought landed every stun, even 2 of the smallest chance ones in a row. It’s nice and all when it’s me, but I’m not liking facing it.


I just faced Stegoceratops in two battles and each got the usual full run of stun attacks. The only one that actually stunned me was a single MINIMAL chance.

When I brought mine out, I got one stun from the 33% chance one.

Yesterday I was completely stun locked by one. For a RNG based chance, it sure seems to run very hot or very cold.


Tested this out after reading cause stegcero was already in team from before update. Did about 50 battles on average stegcero takes down 2-3 enemy Dino’s regardless of their type permanent stun lock seems to occur quite consistently on anything faster than it Stegcero is beast mode now. Way too much stuns feels like its broken and unfair. Can take out indom trex and almost any anti tank dinosaur now and also crush raptors and speedy creatures with its slow this thing should be in its own category of dinosaur the almost no weakness god type lol truly the age of the oop tanks has arrived! :sleeping: