Are stun resists not working?

I started to take note and my Erlikospyx hasn’t resisted ten Thor stuns. The whole reason I have Erlikospyx is to deal with these losers with overpowered Thors. (seriously, if you have a level 30 thor in library or aviary you suck).

Has something broken? Ten in a row seems more than unlucky.

10 in a row? F

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Stuns seem to be broken, they either always fail, or always work on dinos with resistance. In my past 20 matches, I’ve stunned a grand total of… 6 times. I have utahrinex and thor on my team as well, and have done upwards of 30 instant charges.

With these % to stun and % to resist, good luck figuring out if either one is bugged. What I’ve noticed in the last tournament though is how creatures with stun resistance only play the resist animation once. The second time you try to stun them, nothing happens - the stun fails with no “resisted” animation. There is definitely a bug there, but what exactly - who knows.

If nothing happens means the stun failed so nothing to resist. Most stun moves have a chance to fail and usually fail when you need it most.


I was going to post the same thing but with cloak. Maybe it’s just down to bad luck with RNG but I’ve noticed that Erlidominus cloak is pretty rotten. I know we all have a tendency to forget when it works and only groan when it doesn’t but I can honestly say I see it fail 75% or more :frowning:

Stun is completely broken, i haven’t stunned an opponent in well over a week yet i get stunned every single time!!!