Are Tenontorex and Magnapyritor usable anymore?

Heyy guys I’ve been using these 2 super hybrids for more than a year and they have been very good. However, with the rising number of dinos getting buffed, like Thor getting a cleansing group destroyer, I’ve felt that they are starting to have made my team weaker. What are your opinions on both of them?

i never used magna alwasy hated it i used mono the working mans dino :stuck_out_tongue: i always used tento but benched it awhile ago too many distracting dotting monters but it still works in some case.

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Tenontorex and Magnapyritor have fallen out of the top meta for a while now. With enough investment they can show good results in arenas like Aviary and Library, but with how much powercreep has happened they are no longer suitable for an endgame team. I dropped Tenontorex a while ago before I invested too much into it, and swapped it out for Indotaurus.


There are lot more powerful dinos than tenon & magna now, which outperforms other in its rarity like rexy, tarbognathus, etc.,


TenRex is a High Elite

Magna can be problematic if you get a bad draw against it because it’s immune to so much. In Aviary, it tends to be ultra-speed boosted… But even then it’s not that hard to beat. I never considered it worth spending the time and resources on since it’s basically a slightly better version of Monolometrodon… Except Monolo is MUCH easier and faster to build and level up so why bother with Magna? There are better dinos to work on.

Tenrex used to be ok until it was quickly powercrept into obsolescence… If you can get to it’s Defense Shattering Rampage move before getting it wasted, it can deliver a lot of damage but that’s about it. It’s another one that’s difficult to build (Tenontosaurus is impossible to find for no good reason) and simply not worth the return on investment.

I suggest boosting them for advantage tourneys only,u never know when a creature is going to be good for advanget/skill,like how erlidom and trekking were really essential for the unique tourment earlier on