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Are the 1.10 small non Green parks gone?

Most of us noticed there were small patches of the map since 1.10 that were not green or a park, but had park spawns. That was an amazing way to make up for the lack of parks in some cities. Unfortunately, today when i went to check one of those patches there were no longer any park spawns. Are they all gone in 1.11 or just redistribuited?

Really hope they are still there. I depend on those

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Me too, there are literaly no parks in my city

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Nope, they are all gone. Do you know who I @ to tell this to the devs?

Not sure, see if you can contact support from within the game?

They are more important than ever, now that carbonemys and bajadasaurus reside there. And ptera too


I did spot a Bajadasaurus outside of a park today. Annoyingly enough, I didn’t encounter any in actual parks.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether or not that area has other park spawns, but Baja isn’t a nest spawn so I suppose at least some invisible parks remain.

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Yeah they defenitely still are there. I found 4 baja in about 5 minutes in a non park that also showed lots of lythronix.

Afcourse I happen to come across on my way back home after an 2 hour park hunt to create the baja hybrid😅

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Good to know they are still up, though i couldn’t find any yet. The ones i knew are gone

Gone all arount my city today, still no invisible parks…

i thought the patch notes stated that those small no visible parks will no longer spawn park spawns? i could be wrong

Known limitation: With our planet always being full of surprises, there are some very tiny parks in the world that are shown in green in the game but are so tiny that they never attract park creatures. Using Scent Capsules in these tiny parks, unfortunately, won’t attract park creatures either. Our biologist experts think it’s because there’s not enough greenery to eat!

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No, those are different from the invisible parks

ah ok. cool

My local park doesn’t show as a park color or that other color. It has a park spawn sometimes. Lythronax tonight and my scent brought that sarco. Last night a bajada was there.

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It appears all those invisible parks were removed from my city

Ah that sucks! Technically mine is a park but the game doesn’t recognize that visually.

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