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Are the 12 and 24 hour incubators based on level or arena?


I know the amount of DNA in the 3 and 8 hours is less in the lower arenas. Does anyone know if the 12 and 24’s are the same way? Asking for a friend. :slight_smile:


Yes, you get more of everything (DNA/Coins) with higher level/arena incubators regardless if it is 3/15/8/12/24. The only advantage you get of obtaining those incubators at lower arena/levels is to increase your odds of obtaining the dinos exclusive to that arena and below. As you climb the arenas, the odds of getting any particular dino decreases as you’re adding more DNA possibilities to the pool for RNG to decide to give you.

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Hopefully with any statements made, we have proof to support.



Thank you for correcting me @fsufian. @Bunners I solely relied on my recollection and I apologize for giving wrong information without proof. I will remember to avoid answering questions without proof moving forward. That’s amazing you have 2 24hr incubators ready to open already fsufian.


My understanding are 12/24 incs are player level based and not arena level based. These are essentially the same incs you can buy in the store.

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Thanks, I was just coming in to post similar. Just got my 12 hour in arena 3 and saw it was the same as above.


Just making sure. It is Ludia. Lol

75 more until my next epic! :sweat_smile: