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Are the developers working on fixing arena problems? It seems like things are getting worse

Has anyone heard back from Ludia yet? I’ve messaged customer support twice and haven’t heard back fr them reguarding the major area bugs in 1.7. I’m still having a hard time getting in the arenas without timing out, and am repeatedly kicked out due to the game timing out mid battle. I’ve lost battles I’ve not played, get a “timed out” message every time I am finished darting for dna in the map, and often play against opponents who are not there (bots or people timed out?). I also have weird issues where numbers from one screen (the map) appear in another screen (my Dino collection). I’ve also had the game completely crash with the screen appearing as if someone crumpled all the graphics together. The game is almost unplayable now. It’s really a shame, because it’s an incredible game otherwise.

Hopefully others have heard back from Ludia? I’m pretty tired of having to close and reopen the app over and over just to unfreeze it.

I use iOS on my iPhone 7.

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Tbh, I honestly can’t even wrap my head around how these “developers” even released this “update”—games are no different than physical products and releasing something so unbelievably half-a$$ed and calling it an “update” is beyond inconceivable, it tells me the developers don’t know what they’re doing at all. Did they fire all the people who made the game originally?? I honestly don’t know. But like a lot of people, I spent a lot of hard-earned money buying this “product” which has now been rendered almost completely unusable. So I guess we’re all the fools here.

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the battle bug (and now the tournament bug, which i spent 100 in game cash on, to win my first battle, and now can’t get a match) has been known since the day of the update. they need to fix this. and they need to refund our 100 in game cash for the tourney. how hard can it be to roll back the update until they figure out what went all snafu?

Having similar issues, been given £100 game dollors back, hope they fix it soon as I think it will be really good once its sorted.

I have lost 100s of trophies if not more. I can’t get my daily anything because I cant battle. This is horrible. If someone released this in a non smartphone market it would never be tolerated. It’s broken and I havent even seen commentary about it from ludia. SMH…