Are the devs even listening?

Do you guys even care about the feedback?

There has been an overwhelming negative response to the latest update. We were promised answers (in infographic form) detailing the changes, but that never came.

It’s been unanimous that this update has taken one of the best games and turned it into complete and utter garbage. Just know, we aren’t attacking the ego of whoever came up with the ideas for the update. I’m sure the intentions were great, but so unbelievably short sighted that there are a plethora of faults in basic logic. Maybe the easiest example: why would I continue to upgrade my common armour that I’ll never ever ever use when I have epic armour?

What’s going to happen? Almost all of the people that have stuck with it since the beginning are dropping out, yet we still get absolutely nothing from you guys. Most of us are waiting to hear back from you with answers.

Please give us something.

They don’t appear to be, honestly the lack of response or information updates is a bigger issue than the screwy update.

I’m out from this game.

Hey Mr.Awesome, I would like first to reassure you that our devs do care about the feedback from players, and they’ve been seeing the responses for the previous update as well. The feedback will help our team make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Our team also has something planned coming soon, and we’ll be sure to give an update here once there is more information! You can also get the most up to date information from our other social media channels too.


Thanks Ned,

Can we have a timeline for some information?

The Facebook page has no posts since Nov 22 and the Twitter is just retweets of d&d stuff, and a post with a link to this forum.

Sadly, I don’t have any more news at the moment. However, we’ll try to keep everyone updated once we get more information from the team. As the game is still in the early access stage, our team wants to test out as many things as possible, so all your feedback is definitely appreciated.

Ok. See you in the next update. I’ll give it a chance to reclaim the title of best mobile game experience.

Please let the devs know that the current game is completely and totally unplayable. They simply failed us.

Sadly, this is goodbye for now.


Relieved to see at least a small response to this post, keep talking to your beta testers Ludia!

Yes, please! Give us surveys, ask specific questions. Over on the DDO Forums, the devs make a habit of posting design proposals for feedback from the players (publicly and/or from the “Player’s Council” focus group) before they commit to implementing large changes - which is really what a D&D game should be: a collaboration between the Dev (DM) and the players to maximize the fun for both*!

* But of course, also keeping in mind the profit the Devs/DMs need to make :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen this before. They start off pretty enthusiastic, interacting with their player base, but as soon as conflicts and issues start to arise, they pull back. It’s either because they are actively attempting to rebalance things, and are either inexperienced with how much they should communicate that sort of thing, or simply don’t want to. Or, and this is far more likely in my experience; they literally have zero interest in discussing the issues with the players, because they don’t like what people are saying and don’t want to implement changes. They may still make those changes, but it will be grudgingly.

Honestly, it’s a red flag. Of the mobile games I have gotten sucked into, perhaps MCoC had the most communication, even if Kabam often lied or said half truths. But they communicated. Almost daily. They knew they would get attacked at times on the forums, and that people would complain as they implemented more and more greedy tactics, but… They still talked to us every day. If the team isn’t willing to communicate, I see it as a huge issue. If people are going to spend money, they should know what direction the game is going to go.

Honestly, this game probably won’t last. Not without some serious attention, and rebalancing. Until that happens, I’m going to save my money.