Are the release notes coming tommorow?! (POLL)

So it seems the hype for 2.3 really picked up after the recent data mine, but when will the release notes come? I’d like everyone to take this poll so we can really see what the community thinks.

  • Release Notes Are Coming Tomorrow
  • Release Notes Are NOT Coming Tomorrow

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The poll will close when the release notes come.

Thank you for your input :smiley:


I really hope they come out tomorrow :slight_smile:


Me too! I honestly wish I wasn’t though because now all be crushed if they don’t.


Most likely to be tomorrow, as they would have to have the update out in order to start the next championship, if it actually ends up being Antarctovenator. doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow though. We’ll see!


I’m going to say no… usually get more warning then a random picture online. It’s only been a month since the last update and I think we may have to wait a bit longer… it I hope I’m wrong


That was my drawback too, but maybe their trying to surprise us. Maybe…

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Honestly though the more I think about it the more it makes sense, the update would drop the next Tuesday which is the first day of December/Christmas season.


Voted yes even if I’m sure it won’t happen tomorrow… Just want to pull Gamepress’s gang leg!!! The tier list just came out, so last thing I want for them is an update the day after! Seriously, it’s likely very close, be with the recent server update, there’s more bugs to fix first. The invites for the raids is buggy as hell. So I think they have to clean this up first…

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I’d like to have at least another month before an update drops. My phone doesn’t have much space left and I can barely scrape out enough of it just to download an update.


We didn’t have any warnings last time I don’t think

We can hope it will be tomorrow. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Hmmm… So let me get this straight, they are set to release Release Notes (funny) before we even get a patch for all the current messed up stuff? We need a patch first!

I say we RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! If we do not get a patch… Seriously for all the times people have told me in the past let’s fix what’s broken first before we talk about what’s coming I think this applies here. Several people still have had issues, mostly among Raids and it’s a holiday which makes it worse.

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I will not vote polll
But i think it come around Friday Saturday Sunday

Strange, if the update notes come tomorrow, and we literally just posted the 2.2 Tier List…
classic Ludia…

Seeing as all the new raids have been added it just makes sense

2.2 says hi

Hopefully those bug fixes would be included in the patch

I’m sorry. I don’t see them NOT releasing a winter update before the holidays though…


Based Mudkip with the good truth


Last year they released it first week of December so probley will be again