Are the release notes coming tommorow?! (POLL)

2.2 was an anomaly and judging by their pattern I’d say 2.2 was content intended for 2.1 that required a few kinks get ccx worked out. As I said I hope I’m wrong but it would be awful fast

Well they did have a winter patch last year with Wooly Mammoth as an exclusive. I anticipate they will do the same thing this year with a new patch and events

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Technically can’t the poll close tomorrow at some point, since that’s the condition of the prediction?


Just thought I’d add for anyone wondering, last years Christmas/Winter update actually had patch notes come out on November 19 and the year before it was on November 18th, and the, it is currently the 26th/27th, depending on where you live,

so I can’t say the update is overdue, because we had one a month or so ago, but I can say a Christmas update would probably come around this time. Also I seriously doubt they can start the tournament/alliance championship(for a creature that isn’t in the game yet) before the update even comes out and they need enough time for the creature to be in game to have the alliance championship appear once this alliance championship ends.

Yep :smiley: but what’s the point in the poll if the release notes come?


me waiting for the update



The whole community waiting for the patch notes be like:


For me i want to know only new apex and guess it’s colour style

I’m hoping for a yellow or orange one.


I feel like it’s pretty unlikely this week. Next well probably though

Me too! Maybe they will add Ceratosaurus and this new gorgonopsid-smilodon creature…

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It feels pretty quick after the last one, so I would suspect not yet. Not in a hurry at all.

15 mins to release. If not not this week

Why do you think 15 minutes?

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Why not? Its 1 hour after daily reset

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Ah, I understand now.

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Wrong, there is no set time frame. Never has been.

“Wait, there’s no time frame?”
“Never has been.”


Ok its been over and hour idk where they are, they should be here antarctovenator is the next championship and the curent one will be ended by the end of next week, so patch noted on fryday next week and update on tuesday the week after that, don’t think so the championship would already have to start without the creature even being in game


Not necessarily no, technically it doesn’t have to be there until the first Monday of January.