Are the release notes coming tommorow?! (POLL)

Dude antarcrovenator was leaked to be the next championship it must be in the game by the end of next week

Why? It won’t be rewarded until the first Monday of January. So technically it doesn’t NEED to be in the game.
And the “leak” is just a datamine and not a 100% guarantee it will happen, just very likely.

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Patch notes were released last time late on Friday wasn’t right after reset but yes probley next Friday it’s more likely to be .

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Yeah the data mine is incredebly likley,but not a 100%, but tell me who the hell would let there players compete for a reward that isn’t even inthe game yet, and antarctopelta would have to be in the game so we could even get the execlusive dna in the tourument

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I don’t realy know when the last patch notes droped, but these would i guess be tommorow in the morning in my time zone still think would be this week tho, next week as i said i think is too late

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And we do still have a whole day ahead of us. If they aren’t out by 2-3 pm est. I’d say we give up then

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gonna guess yellow/ orange as well.

we got:

so yellow/orange would be the most reasonable guess in my book.


The way I see it, the patch notes can be released on Saturday

that is, tomorrow

Kinda unlikely I think. Haven’t been before (but possible I guess) I think next Friday will probably be it.

well it happened


The poll is closed! But for good reason.

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please delay 2.3 and take a poll

I came from the future to say: Yes, they are

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Take the patch back lol