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Are the spawnrates different in other countries?

As you can see, i am in desperate need of
stegosaurus DNA to craft stegodeus… but i was wondering… stegosaurs used to be evrywhere but now since the new update, they are super hard to find. I am from Sweden and i’m wondering if it’s the same in other cuntries or are there diffrent or higher chances to find other dinos? For example the gryptosuchus: a lot of other people on the forum from England and USA and other cuntries have found it and says that it’s really common. But i have not seen it ones… is that a differnce between other countries or am i just stupid?

Technically, no, but:

Some spawns depend on time of the day and different countries have different length of daytime and nighttime.
Spawns like grypo are park spawns and I imagine there can be countries with more/less parks than others.

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Gryptosuchus is found in parks near water. For example a local park Stroud green well has no water but frequent Gryptosuchus. Possibly an Anglo or I think Ludia is in Quebec Anglo French bias to some spawns.

Doesn’t explain Stegosaurus at all.

I’m from Arnhem, Holland and I don 't see grypto also. I’ve seen it twice and I live near a park, but I don 't see Stego not as much as I did. Stego and velociraptor don 't spawn as much as they use to. That’s my opinion/observation.