Are the Title/Emote Strike Events really necessary?

Whenever one of these things pops up, they always, without fail, remove all of the nearest green drops. It’s really starting to frustrate me, considering they don’t in any way contribute to progress in this game and were just meant to be fun little extras.

Do we need Title/Emote Strikes?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but only if they don’t replace a green event supply drop
  • No
  • No, but they should be included in a regular strike

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I prefer the idea of them being in other strikes, or at the very least, being coded so that they cannot take place over the green drops. I don’t mind them as little rewards, but I’m tired of having these things replace actual dinosaurs that I should be darting. I don’t use the emotes, and I already have a title that I love enough to never change it, and even if either of those facts were reversed, my focus on a dino hunting game is to get creature DNA.

I think the title and emote strikes should come with extra rewards like a good amount of coin or a rare incubator. I think one emote strike tower did that before and it’s one of the only emote towers I’ve ever taken the time to do.