Are the weekend tournaments really highscore based?

I might have misunderstood something, but is our highscore really what counts in those weekend tournaments? I’m playing the tournament right now and the rewards shown on the right don’t remain the same when i lose medals and my highscore is not shown when i look at the score. So did It really change? Can anyone clear this up?

I think it’s supposed to start next tourney… it’s gonna be a pain for the top ranks (This includes me)

Why would It be a pain?

Cause the #1 person can keep on battling without having to worry about losing. Especially right before the tourney would end, this can let them keep their spot by having enough free time to do so and win enough while at that spot… #2 and higher can’t pass them. Makes it harder for me when I drop to #2 to climb back up. Not to mention the bugs in this tournament and probably in future ones.

The person on the #1 can still lose and not progress that much further like everyone else(although i understand your point in which It isn’t as likely). Still, If someone dedicates so much time to get the highest score possible i think they deserve it.
Another point is that it’s way more fun to battle non stop If you don’t have to worry about losing your highest position. It isn’t an unfair system and other than possible bugs i think it’s way better this way.

From this week’s Tournament post.

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Expect these next tourneys to have a higher top trophy amount than 1200… I’m probably expecting 1700+…

That’s what makes it unfair for the others though. They can’t pass certain people cause of the amount of trophies they gained from battling not worrying about losing trophies (Even if I do lose this will probably still happen…)

But u don’t have to worry about losing either. What happens is people just stop battling when they lose trophies so they get to where their comfortable an stop. But when the game keeps ur high score more people grind thus more people playing. The biggest problem in jwa is people don’t battle much so this promotes players to keep going instead of saying well if i lose I’ll lose these rewards so I’ll just stay here and check to see if i need to battle

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Alright lets see those top ranks be 1700+ trophies cause of this… This “I’m gonna get the highest score till the matchmaker can’t find a match anymore” isn’t going to work for the free time people like me have.
I’ll be glad if I’m right. That just shows that my mark has been made and it will happen the whole rest of tourneys. And 6:30 - 7:30 ET, and 9:36 - 9:43 pm ET is the only times on mondays before the tourney ends I can battle. RIP future #1 rewards. RIP.