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Are there any characters you would love to see in other stories

Like for instance Aesha/Samantha playing Fei’s game

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Felicia in Vile’s. Officially, as the reason he went “dark”.


@JDR that would be awesome to see that crossover.

I think when Jasmine/Kayla come back, have Clementine be the person who is first restraining order the they serve as a cop and or are investigating stalking charges against Mr. Goodman.

Another would be Julia working as Cyber Security for Fei’s game to keep hackers out

Felicia stepping in to bring Eveline/Jade’s stalker to justice with Julia’s help

Angel/Emmalyn could go and work with Antoine/Nina/Noah at their animal welfare centre in Alaska.

Elizabeth/Nicholas probably became friends with Agatha Christie during her adventures through time and space so they and Clementine/Grace could have an endless conversation about Agatha. Maybe Elizabeth/Nicholas could even take Clementine/Grace to meet Agatha once they’ve fixed the time machine.

Kayla/Jasmin (or Chase and his counterpart once released) could investigate Eveline/Jade’s stalker and bring them to justice, Felicia being MI6, wouldn’t be involved in regular police business.

Unless it was 0zo which seems likely he’s smart and tech savvy. I think he was mentioned by Aesha/Samantha, Skylar/Jaden and heavily involved in Julia and Felicia’s stories

I don’t think 0Z0 is Eveline/Jade’s stalker. I reckon her stalker is an overly attached fan who turned nasty.

I’m just thinking of someone tech savvy

What if Chase (or his counterpart) was the one training Kayla/Jasmin at the police academy.

Had the same thought earlier today when his profile popped up.

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