Are there any very active Alliances?

I’m in an Alliance but it’s not as active as I’d like only 1-4 people on at times and at others 2. But there is rarely communication just requests for Dna and the occasional thanks for those who donate. If they are active it’s after I’ve gone to sleep but I’m open to joining a more openly active Alliance if there is any.


How “active” are you ? Daily ? Hours per day? Level? We have some spots open but looking for reallly really active players as were all daily players .
I maintain the alliance pretty good as I’m online a lot of the day. Also we monitor screen shots of donations on Facebook alliance group .

Last alliance rush we came in top 50 around 39th I believe . :+1: were even stronger since then.

2 spots open as of now.

Top500 -Alliance

I’m Lvl 10 about to hit 11 I’m active Daily and i play off and on during sometimes 1-2 hours and sometimes longer unless we have bad weather

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Your only level 11 and started a year ago? You must have quit for a period of time? We have a cap of 3700 achievements minimum . I was hoping you were already level 20 since your last post was a year ago .

There’s a lot of alliances to join ! I’m sure you’ll find one suitable for you! :crossed_fingers: keep trying someone will reply!

Yeah i had to stop for a while due to phone issues along with RL problems but thanks anyways

I’ve found one