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Are there cheats for tho game?

There are events which make me lose when I would have won. They happen frequently and have a pattern.
Are there hacks for this game? Are people cheating?

People aren’t cheating in that way, because the mechanics are happening real-time on the server-side as opposed to client-side. The more likely answer is that there are hidden buffs and debuffs that we know nothing about, likely helping players that continue to do poorly, and throttling/impeding the players that are succeeding. Or perhaps benefitting people that are paying for VIP, buying packages, etc.

We already know the mechanics exist for this because the higher your winstreak goes, the tougher opponents you face/tougher bots (and not just due to higher trophy count), and vice versa the more you lose in a row. It’s also clearly evident when near statistical-improbabilities occur with regularity, for instance a 75% proc failing 8 times in a row (which is 0.000015% likely to happen, and has happened to me more than 5 times that I’ve counted. If you do the math there, that’s in the order of magnitude of billions upon billions of fractional percentage point probability). Maybe I should play the lottery… It got so bad for me once that my next match ended up against a poor guy whose heroes were 9 levels below mine.

The reality is that those infinitely small near-impossibilities aren’t RNG or bad luck, there are simply conflicting hidden coding mechanics that both help/impede players, and it causes anomalies where parties can be wiped out entirely in Round 1, where you miss every attack for an entire battle, etc.

“Cheating/hacks” would likely come in the form of a program running the dungeons for you, or something like that. I’d also imagine those would be easy to figure out for Ludia and address appropriately.


Not helping players doing poorly. I went 2-12 wins in test of might where I mostly I would only kill one character before three of mine were killed by one blow.

During the Beta phase a few uncouth individuals were using a hack which provided unlimited gems and gold. I understand this hack was patched and the offending accounts were permanently suspended. Ludia appear to have done a good job securing the app from such antics.

While some players have since reported harmless hacks which automate certain activities, it has been more than a year since I have either witnessed or noted chatter concerning any hack capable of providing undue advantage.

As mentioned by @DungeonBorn I have also noted anomalies which may be indicative of an unidentified mechanic. @lemonfarmer, in this vein, I am curious what pattern you noted, specifically if it has something to do with attack “timing”. I have noticed (but not confirmed) a pattern which seems related to some of these anomalies. Unfortunately, I do not participate in PvP enough to establish certainty on this topic.

Not sure of the exact mechanic as Orloch mentions, but at some point recently I’m sure you’ve done well. And as poor as 2-12 wins is, there are folks doing even worse.

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The same happened to me a couple of times. Also posted about this in te bug report forum. Apparently this hasn’t been solved yet.