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Are there enough spawns in JWA?


Just wanted to take a moment to discuss spawn mechanics.

Are there enough spawns in JWA? I wrote something up with my opinion on the subject but I’m interested in hearing from people.

What do you think?


Short answer… No. One of the first and most glaring things I noticed when I initially began playing was how far you had to travel in between dinosaurs. The game really doesn’t seem to favor pedestrian play but rather it seems to be slanted towards people in vehicles. They’ve bumped up the spawns a couple of times and I think we’ve all been extremely happy about it but they always seem to drop it back down


No we don’t need more spawns? Seems like your saying we do need more but you’re answer was no. Just trying to understand. :slight_smile:


I dont think so.

Compared to other GPS games I play, JWA has some of the lowest spawn rates out there.

I see slightly more zombies, a lot more pokies and a TON more ghosts.


enough spawns for commons and rares.

but epics(specially pyro, kentro, sino)?
I think not.

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Well said Brian, you have my perfect thought on the game

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I agree that it favors people in vehicles. I would love to see more spawns in parks and neighborhoods so it is easier to walk and catch things.


I would say there are enough spawns when running scents, but generally dinosaurs are pretty sparce (no where near as common as Pokemon in comparison). However I understand that this isn’t a sit on your backside game and you need to get out and walk around. However saying that, I’ve been out for long walks many times and only caught a handful of dinos. So I just walk around using scents all the time. It would be nice to have the spawnrates increased, but not so much that it imbalances the need to use scents.


The problem is not only with spawns, I hardly drive and I am in top 500 as well, the major problem is Dino migration. Local 3 and 4 have a large disadvantage in this game compare to local 1 and 2 because many ingredients of the meta relevant Dinos spawn in those two locals.

I live in local 4 and if I compare myself with another player who lives in local 1, I am at a huge disadvantage in unlocking trykosaurus. This is because although I have anky in my local, Ludia has done many anky events and each event has 15 attempts. But kentro? They have only done 1-2 events and each one is only 6 attempts.

This affects greatly in the long run. I have 5 level 26 dinos on my team, but I still don’t have green chicken and my ankenteosaurus is only level 17. I have to choose Thor because we only have dracorex event this Christmas. When I’m about to unlock Utarinex, here comes the potential nerf.

This is why I have to give up on Tryko and some other meta relevant Dinos because if I can only unlock a meta relevant unique Dino in 4 month, 2 patches will have passed and who knows what will happen to those creatures.


The post is “are there enough spawns”… No


I am really surprised that JWA isn’t speedlocked. But so glad it isn’t. However this game and such like it shouldn’t be costing the planet (by burning fossil fuels by driving) to be able play and compete in.


I hope they increase spawns and give us more variety. im so tired of seeing diplocalus and irratator gen 2. PoGo gives such variety. i know theres a lot more pokemon in Pogo than creatures in JWA, but they could still do something to help variety.


Your picture comparing PoGo and JWA at the mall is not a very representative picture. Go outside any metropolitan area and you will see zero Poke stops in all directions. Many small towns might have one or two stops, no gym and very few spawn points. JWA has a better availability of SD and spawns than PoGo does in many locations outside of those major metropolitan or mall areas.

That of course directly relates to available spawns in both rural and metropolitan areas. In rural areas PoGo shows everything on the ‘nearby’ if there are any at all that is. You can wander around all day and not see any, or perhaps see one or two. JWA has a much better rural to Suburban spread of in-game buildings. Where I am, I have to travel 5 miles to find a Poke stop, in JWA I can walk to many. I drove 30 miles each day to Red Bank to play, then 30 miles back home each night. Or 45 minutes to Philadelphia to drive around playing.

For availability for spawns, PoGo has gone over the edge from the early days. Most ‘spawn points’ will now hold 5 or more Pokemon. Early on, you might find one. You needed to find a decent location to play, use incense (which never worked all that well) or lure stops.

For spawn density in JWA. Some areas are much better than others. There are proximity spawn points between SD, you just have to search them out. I can walk to a park and have plenty to dart. I can go the other direction and have many fewer to dart, but they are around to dart.

As with PoGo there are ‘drought’ areas in JWA. Some locations around me are really sparse on spawns. Some locations are really lacking event SD also. Could Ludia even up the spawns in these areas, definitely. Would I want to see many more spawns? Well, sure! Do I feel I see ‘enough’ spawns in my hunting area? Yes. Do I feel I see enough Epic or more desirable spawns in my hunting area? No. Would I want Ludia to make the spawn rate comparable to PoGo? No.

For game longevity, the Epic and ‘desirable’ spawn rates were way too high early on in the game. People report darting “dozens” of Rex and other Epic daily. Look how many users hit ‘end game’ within a few months. Many of us see one, maybe two Epic a day and not always something ‘desirable’. If I traveled around more, I might see 4 or 5 a day. People got to end game too quickly by having an overabundance of desirable ingredient DNA. Ludia cut back on the spawn rate to slow down progress. People who were used to getting ‘dozens’ a day are pretty mad at the nerf. Myself, I really do not notice much of a difference. I still get one, maybe two a day.


Higher density would be great.

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Ludia did give us higher density of spawns. Unfortunately for many, they are ‘undesirables’ for them so useless to progress towards end game. For the casual user, having more to dart is desirable. For them it can also be tedious having it be the same… thing… every… single… time.

I think they did go a little overboard on the singularity of spawns in locals. While it is nice to stock on Suchomimus, having it be the only game in town is overkill. They could perhaps have two or three ‘prevalent’ species per local to break it up. Yes, they would still be commons, but give people a bit of variety.

From the pictures I see posted here it looks likes a good abundance of spawns. Granted they are all Sucho or Einia or what have you. But go and look at the screen shots, you can see 5, 6 or more in them all.

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it is sorta adding insult to extinction-level injury, isn’t it?


I feel we do and more variety too. Too many common zone dinos swarm the area, and not enough global dinos. Meaning zone 1 there are far too many Majungasaurus, just because it is the zone dino doesn’t mean it should spawn that much! Difference between JWA and Pogo is that you only need to catch 1 Pokemon to have it, JWA you need to collect DNA to make it, plus for hybrid you need to collect DNA from 2 or more dinos. So it is far harder to get 1 dino than it is for 1 Pokemon, unless it is a rare Pokemon. A boost in spawns would help a lot! I for one have 5 supply drops around my house bthat I can reach, only only 2 spawn points, meaning 3 or those drops don’t spawn dinos, ever!

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I agree! I dont get a single spawn at home on pogo. not even anything on the nearby. i get at least 1 dino at my house on JWA. Theres also not a pokestop for 5 1/2 miles from my house. As youve seen from screenshots before, i have 4 supply drops in front of my house on JWA and several in view. JWA does better at supply drop placements.


While jwa has some things better than pogo, that doesnt mean it cant be further improved upon.

Greater spawn density doesnt have to come at the cost of rural to suburbia allocation.

We can have our cake and eat it too :slight_smile:


Yeah, what @Wwwoodchuck says about PoGo is true. I LOVE PoGo. But lately, whenever I open the game, there’s not a single mon for me to grab. In the exact same location, there are always between 1-3 dinos for me to dart. And don’t get me started on stops - JWA runs circles around PoGo with it.

I don’t have a problem with the spawns for the most part, but I agree with the people who say that it encourages people to use vehicles to get the dinosaurs. If I take a bus, I’m pretty much guaranteed to get at least one epic. Walking? Not so much. Epic spawns are pitiful, and that wouldn’t bother me if the game wasn’t so heavily reliant on epics for the higher end hybrids. I’d rather dart 100 commons than 1 epic, but I know others will feel differently.