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Are there enough spawns in JWA?

We do need more spawns but it is more because outside of a major city there are too many blank spaces on the map with no drops and no spawns.

I play JWA because I was unhappy with PoGo.
Initially I was happy because there are more dino stops in rural areas, along with more spawns and a better reach.
After playing five months, it seems there’s little more than useless DNA spawns. Game is definitely geared for driving, as the spawns and drops in my area are all along the roads, more so than green space and parks.
Bottom line, after playing many months and hitting a wall of useless DNA and lopsided hybrids (50k of xxx and 40DNA of yyy when I need a few thousand of each to complete the hybrid) has me wondering why I still play, and looking for an alternative…
No. Spawns are not the best.

At least pidgeys are directly exchangeable for XP and candy.

We could use more spawns but upon that we need diversity to spawns… 1.5 spawn changes for the most part are terrible. Rex spawn nerf is bad for pure game balance cause some people have all 4 rex variants leveled up and those that do not are going to have to make choices going forward.

Park spawns are in a bad spot as well the pool is to diluted and there is to much essential common dna locked to parks atm… stego, ank gen 2, dilo gen 2 these guys.

The locals common spawns are jacked up right now too… way to much majung, sucho, eiono, diplod… majunga has me missing lythronax never thought id say that… they could easily move stego to l3, dilo g2 to l4, ank gen 2 to l1, and lythro to l2 and spawns would already be more diverse…

At these point increasing spawns without 9ther changes will just leave us with more majunga, eiono, sucho, and diplo on our screens and thats not really an improvement.


I play on foot & definitely need more spawns. There is huge flaw for rural players in that stops (few) are by roads and so are spawns but I am surrounded by fields with no stops or spawns. The mapping system used does not allocate any stops or spawns along footpaths through fields, those routes do not even show on the map

Are there enough spawns in JWA

no, there are not.

i’ve only ever seen one, and that was back when i was level 7.



Went on a short road trip around the area today. I do not drive around to play, I stick to around home. I seem to have a pretty good park area to play in and really do not like just driving around anyway. I don’t like to look at the screen while keeping an eye on the morons on the road around me. Chalk it up to being old and ornery.

Many of our ‘bedroom’ neighborhoods were lacking spawns. SD are very sparse along neighborhood roads and few proximity spawn points. Yes, I may not have followed the roads with them, but I did not see many where I went. I did not see the same density of common local spawns I have around me. The few park areas I went by were dismal at best.

I live in a similar neighborhood to all those I went through. For whatever reason, mine is much better for hunting. Perhaps because I have been playing here? I really do not remember how it was when I started so nothing to compare to. I did have the phenomena of a SD appearing by my residence after getting VIP. Coincidence or not, it appeared. Does anyone else notice a greater spawn rate around their main residence or place they play the most?

Variety was lacking in all the neighborhoods, except mine. As others post, I saw mostly the common local spawns.

I did go around some larger local 4-lane main routes. Businesses along the sides, not many residential dwellings. I saw a greater number of SD and event SD. Huge difference in spawn rate also. Big difference in variety. I darted several Epics, the Golden Chicken included! I had to cover a lot of ground, but the difference in spawns between there and the other neighborhoods was obvious.

I agree, spawns should be improved. Quite an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s easier depending on your location to bike around, and acquire DNA. Epic spawns are okay, but the area is flooded, and I mean flooded with majunda and einios. Tarbos have become the new raptors for me. Spawns overall has been subpar, and I actually haven’t really biked, and hunted in two weeks mostly due to the extreme cold.

As for best method, I think biking is the better alternative during day-dusk. (NOT FOR WINTER). Saves A LOT of Gas and in return $$$, not having to pull over every time, being able to cross streets whenever, not having to wait for those stop lights, you get to dart that dino on the spot. I feel like driving is too fast for those scents lol, if anything I only drop common scents. Maybe I’m just different haha, due to location, I’m L1 on the border of L2/L3 so I don’t see the need to really drive around the place aside from having a nice heater to keep warm during my hunts. All zones can be reached within 5 mins of driving. Like mentioned earlier, depending on location, it’s not necessary to drive. Personally, I like to stand and be absolutely still when I dart important dinos, usually get better results… but that is just a preference :smile::rofl:

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What bothers me more than lack of spawns is the lack of variety. And like others have said, each zone is flooded with its exclusive common dino. That’s so annoying.


Maybe a bit off topic - mainly highlighting spawn patterns.

Dinos spawn pattern post 1.5 is just pathetic.
You’ll get tons of Suchomimus in L4, Diplo in L3, Eini in L2 and Majung in L1.

On the other hand, Stegosaurus has gone missing.
Triceratops has gone missing.

Hardly see useful rares and epics nowadays. Seems like the only way to progress is by purchasing incubs from the store.

On the one hand, we’re getting more opportunities to get coins. But without the ingredients, how on earth could we level up our dinos?


BTW, the only exclusive dino that can create a really useful hybrid for meta is Suchomimus… so, L4 has a big advantage there… I use Suchotator and when I plan to level it up I have to constantly ask for DNA in my Alliance, cause I live far from any L4

I’ve said this before but this post brings the concept back around. My girlfriend got me into playing Pokemon even though I was never a Pokemon person, it was something we did outside that was fun and there were a lot of other people doing it. We would walk at parks and literally see hundreds of Pokemon to go after and by the time you walked around the park new ones would spawn you even frequently saw hard to catch one’s even though you might have to walk a block to get them. One of the things I noticed right away when we started playing Jurassic world is that the parks were completely barren, really made it feel a lot less populated and I know the dinosaurs are large and Pokemon are small so scale plays a role in how they wanted to do spawns but it’s still very difficult to play this game on foot and expect to make any real progress

The only thing I disagree with are drops in PoGo v JWA. Where I live there are 3 semi nearby pokestops, 4 at a push, none nearer than 6 minutes on foot. In JWA they’re ubiquitous. Spawns, on the other hand…are exactly what you describe. A mess. A sad, empty mess. I never cared about Pokemon even in the 90s and never downloaded Go when it came out. But I did for an in-game quest my bf needed, and I wound up never deleting it because even though it’s MUCH harder to obtain and keep resources compared to JWA, I love how often things spawn. I wish someone would create a game that was a happy combination of all the best things about both games. For now, both are too frustrating to play either consistently.


Agree with most; it’s not the quantity of spawns but the quality.

PoGo and JWA have very different interfaces… That being said, more people initially have been attracted to JWA because of the stops that are not particularly centered around points of interest. This provided urban players an increasing advantage against all others, in general. There are NOT enough spawns in JWA… PoGo definitely has the upper edge on quantity, however, everything has been given some importance in the wild, and everything is worthy of being caught, whereas, PoGo doesn’t resemble any of these characteristics. JWA is still much better, mostly because of the stops being scattered to provide all players a chance to progress nearly at equal levels. However, JWA has to start increasing the spawn rates of global rares and epics, as they are extremely low when compared to locals. One thing that PoGo has an advantage on is the fact that all dinosaurs can be spotted nearly anywhere. In JWA, you are limited to one particular area, where some truly overpower others. To increase spawns, Ludia has to first balance the quality of spawns between locals to at least provide all players with equal chances in the battle arena. If you didn’t want to read that, my final answer is NO, however, there are some complications, and JWA is the far BETTER game when compared to PoGo in spawns.

I disagree with everything being worthy of being caught… i will never dart an irritator gen 2… even if it got a legendary hybrid that was meta worthy i would level up its best counter instead…

Hatze as well… and if stygi gen 2 and bary gen 2 ever got released in the while they would be added to that list as well…majunga and diplo are very close to being on that list as well…

Nope. People need to stop being lazy, that’s the answer. The writer of this Metahub article acts like there are only 2 ways to get around: On foot or in an automobile. I play this game on my longboard sometimes doing 25 mile trips. If you play in a car while driving you are a lazy person. Sorry, but someone has to say it. If you’re on a bus, that’s fine. But if you play in a car while driving you are lazy and you deserve the ticket you’re going to eventually get. Just my $0.02

Please Ludia increase the spawn points :slight_smile: I quit PoGo for Draconius Go back in October last year, but the lack of spawns made me quit DraGo as well as others.

Yes Ludia. Please… We are not talking about epic spawn here. Requesting common spawn where you lack badly. Even worst, every each update more and more common and rare being introduced. So you have nothing to lose if you make the spawn be more overcrowded, because end up the net effect for each species will still be a spawn nerf…
…if you get what i mean

Short answer: no.
There aren’t enough spawns. To make the problem worse Ludia depleted epic spawns from nests in the last update.

If you compare JWA with any other rip-off of pokemon go the low spawns rates stand out immediately after opening the app. Even Draconius Go, which was the first PoGo rip-off introducing PvP, had a better spawn mechanics than JWA.
JWA is a PvP platform with a series of minigames oriented towards improving your PvP team. However, the system is built to prevent any progress unless you pay real money for it.

The best way to play right now is on a bus . Or in a car.

If you want to maximize the time you spend playing this game, you drive to the appropriate local, drop a scent or just cruise around looking for spawns, and pull over to dart them. And while you should never play this game while driving , the fact is the game rewards those who do.

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I used to have my bus trip to work (20 min) everyday + going back home while my husband drives, otherwise it is very difficult to grind dna, we need at least a real rotation on local spawnings and more variety. I play since launch and I have just one unique (indoraptor that has global ingredients) while other people has 3 or 4 uniques. This is not fair, comparing the same time of grinding (people who play lots of hours per day deserve their position). I don’t want Jwa to be a job so if I don’t have to go outside my local zone for other reasons I just stay at home or bike to reach the strike towers if they change daily.