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Are there enough spawns in JWA?

There are enough spawns…
Problem is the variety
I live and work in local3 and l4 …big disadvantage compared to l1 and l2

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It’s fun taking the atv out hunting, but weather plays a huge factor. It would be great if spawns didn’t follow the gps roads like they seem to. Park areas have them spread out and that should be the case everywhere. How nice it would be to go hunting in the back 8 acres at home.

Well, that’s an extremist point of view. People play wherever and however they want, and that includes driving, as long as they pay attention on the street (just take a look at the game on red lights, for example). Sometimes I keep the game on while driving just to catch some suply drops and if I see an interesting rare or epic, I park the car somewhere to catch it. No harm done.


Longboarding hmmm, I could try I guess lol.

That was my thought. Jeez quit being so lazy. :joy:


I have to laugh at the comments, the fact that everyone thinks their zone is terrible, but the others are more desirable.

I live in L1 and work in L3, don’t think it’s great because of what’s supposed to be available, it’s really nothing but majung, diplo, and whatever worthless dinos are in those areas.

All that super cool, high in demand DNA you see listed? It ain’t here. I’m playing for a few more days, then switching to something else.

Maybe I’ll get a longboard. How are they in ice and snow on rural roads with no shoulder and 45mph traffic?

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You aren’t gonna stop playing silly :joy:

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Lol I just made a post a couple days ago talking about how during this winter break I’m having more trouble with this game cuz I don’t have to commute to my college everyday by bus. Now that I don’t play in a vehicle everyday like during the school year I don’t nearly find as many Dino’s or am even close to completing the Dailey challenges. Had no problem getting the challenges done everyday when I was going back and fourth by bus tho


No there are not enough spawns.
Actually with every update JWA become a bigger mess. New dinos are added, spawns changed and event supply drops reduced.

I like JWA, cause you need to grind to progress, but lately it feels like hitting a wall if you don’t play in moving vechile. I always play only as passenger. Back in summer, while I was looking for a job, I had time walking 4-5 hours daily to grind DNA. Still I biked when there were 36 or more attempts on common event dinos. Now I make most progress traveling to or from work. Currently I have collective holiday till 3rd january and in freezing temperatures I’m hardly doing long walks as hands are freezing even in gloves. After all changes to event drops I can say it was way better when they were only in parks. At least you knew where to find event drops. Removing them from parks wasn’t that bad, but strike towers flood make it impossible completing event attempts by walking even on rares (less than 15 event drops in 5km radius). Today I’ll bike again even in freezing temperatures, cause I need Dracorex.

Also spawn diversity is really bad, like PoGo was at the beggining when you couldn’t see a rare in Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow flood. Lately many rare and epic dinos gone missing. Saw first Monolopho and Baryonix in a week yesterday. Trex, Erliko and Triceratops don’t exist any more (saw one or two Tricera lately though). And this local exclusive spawns are nonsense as some will have opportunity to make and lvl up extremely rare legendaries and uniques almost litteraly from their backyard, while others need to grind months covering hundreds kilometers to make same hybrids.

I wrote Ludia a message asking them to fix the spawn rates… to show how much they actually read and/or understand, I was informed the following:

"Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please note that creatures will migrate around the Map until they find a location with their preferred climate. Meaning that they may appear or disappear randomly from your Map."

That’s great… didn’t quite answer my question… but I guess that means that if it is cold (winter time) I should expect to see very little dino’s around… At least the Einiosaurus doesn’t care about the weather… that’s one of the few dino’s wee see…

Definitely not a “walking around” game with how sparse the spawns are from each other…