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Are there no longer critical hits?!


Week and a half of playing battles and I’ve still not had any critical hits…even tho my team are nearly all 20+ crt hit! Yet my opponents are still getting 2-3 per battle. Also I’ve been keeping an eye on the cloak/evade for this time, so far my opponents are all 100% successful in evading…yet mine had failed 100% of the time. How can you win a battle when the opposing team dodges ‘EVERY’ single attack and crit hits you more times than not? Pffft no strategy for that kind of awful bugged gaming! I’ll play 12 battles a day…I win 1-2 of that 12! That’s not odds for any game

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It’ll flip for you, when you’re against a team you’d beat anyway.
i.e. You’ll crit when the opponent dino is almost dead.


Haha yeah I’ve noticed that!