Are there rules against leaking?

I just wanted to know if your allowed to post leaks because I can’t find any rules on it and I have seen people, like gamepress, leak things all the time.

I can’t say I know of any rules against it. It’s free advertising really.

thx, I guess I have something to share then

I would like to clarify that GamePress hasn’t “leaked” anything. We report what we find in code but that is completely different as anyone technically has access to that.


Ok, but I was just wondering if leaking was allowed

I don’t work for Ludia so I can’t say for sure, but this is how I see it: if the information or “leak” was obtained by breaking TOS in any way I would say it’s probably not smart to post or share. But that’s just my 2 cents on it.

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If I were to upload video footage of Dilophoboa, what do you think would happen?

Maybe anyone technically has access to what he is talking about too. So that would be no different?

Yes, anyone can do it and I can share it, but it is not to do with the game, but with how old my phone is

If anyone can do it then it would appear to fall under the category @Piere87 is talking about making it ok.

So I can share it, and I guess it is not really exploiting as it gives no advantage in the game…

Like @Piere87 said I guess. If anyone can technically do it it is not breaking the TOS.

Awesome, it is time for evidence of Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor

Very possible. I was just responding to this statement:

Not if you have an incontinent pad in place …


I guess you could say, it … Depends :upside_down_face::rofl: