Are there too many alliances? Merging?


I like the thought of a vice leader. I am able to monitor a lot of the day and it seems everyone is donating and receiving equally. I really hope there is a development that shows a full summary soon. We still have room and would really like to have as many members as possible. The larger the group the more everyone benefits. In regards to the cost of starting the alliance, I believe you will be able to re-coop much of that with the trading of DNA. Pm me if you would like to make the change or if you have any questions. Thanks!



I would ask Ludia if the Alliance will still be ‘active’ if there are no members. Active in you would be able to search for it and re-join as Leader if things do not work out. I would hate to think it would just disapear after spending coin to create it.


My wife started an alliance that was just going to be for our accounts but we are up to 13 at the moment. Players come and go and it doesn’t matter to us if we had no others or if we get filled to the gills.


I noticed as leader that you can’t leave without transferring leadership. I don’t think an alliance can exist without at least one member. It would be worth checking into though.


I have an extreme amount of excess and it makes me happy to see it go to someone that can use it. The coins are a bonus, but not important. My hubby and I had fun trading back and forth at first, but now that the gang is larger it is more rewarding for all. I appreciate and respect your view though :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks I talked with my current members and we all agreed we would like to try and build on what we have.


Wishing you the best and happy holidays!


You too! :grin: